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Seriously, how long can I have false/early labor for?

I have been having contractions between every 2-5 minutes since monday. ?I was in the L/D twice over the past week. ?The baby has dropped. ?I have lost some or all of my mucus plug ( i think). ?I don't want an early baby but this is getting really hard to deal with. ?The contractions are getting more painful with each day.They think I am at least a week farther along so really 36 weeks and 2 days. ?I had DS 1 at 37 weeks and 1 day so not too far off. ?

They say now I just need to wait until I go into true labor, since they won't be trying to stop it at this point. ?

What do you think??

Re: Seriously, how long can I have false/early labor for?

  • Unfortunately I have been having contractions for 3 weeks now with no dilation. I just wish they would stop or do SOMETHING!

    Wishing you rest from contractions or some progression soon. :)

  • I am in early labor too and have been for a week....i'm told that it can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.
  • I've been in early labor since 31 weeks. L&D twice as well. And my Dr. has said the same thing, at this point they wouldn't stop it, so I just need to wait until real labor starts. Until then I just contract everyday. Sometimes once an hour, sometimes 3 minutes apart for 2 hours.

    I understand your frustration. ((hugs))

  • I had contraction from 30 weeks till I delivered. I was told that some women contract for weeks before they give birth. Sorry that your going through this, hang in there it will all be over before you know it.
  • Ha, I have been contracting (some painful, some not) for just about a month now!  Had VERY intense contractions that were 5 minutes apart the other night...still no trip to L&D.
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  • Silly, you can have contractions right up until you have the baby! ;) They can go on for weeks and months. Drink your water, listen to your body about when you've done too much, and make peace with it. Baby knows when it's time - let the process happen and know that every day inside lowers the risk tripple fold for a day in the NICU.
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