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Breast Milk coming in?

Ok so my LO is a week and 3 days this breast feeding thing is starting to get hard! I feel like I am not being a good mommy because I cant get the hang of breast feeding. I am doing it right per the lactation lady but I am not purdosing a lot which makes me sad! :( I pump every two hours during the day and I normally get a total of 2 ounces total from both breast so about 1 ounce per breast. Is this common?? How long did it take everyone else to go boob all the time instead of bottle half and breast half??

Re: Breast Milk coming in?

  • My milk didn't really come in until the 4th day and I tube supplemented until then.
  • You mean like stuck the tube in the mouth and put him up to your boob?
  • yep.  That way he was still going through the motions of breastfeeding and I was still being stimulated to produce milk etc., while he was able to get the nutrition he needed.

    It worked really well for me, and it was such a relief to not worry about him getting all he needed.  Now that my milk is in we don't use formula at all so it worked out great.

  • My LO has been all boob since day 1. Never needed a bottle. Check out this website:

    It's all about breastfeeding and may help answer some of the questions you might have.

  • I only pump once a day but I'm still only getting 2-3 oz at a time.  I think this is normal?
  • It took a while for my milk to come in and I never have produced enough not to supplement.  I just remember, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!!!  And is a gift to your baby.

    Ask your OB for a Reglan perscription and take that 3x a day.  This will help your supply.  Also eat lots of oatmeal and make sure you are getting your rest.

    You are doing a good job, REMEMBER that Smile

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  • I get about 2 1/2 oz from both breasts so I think 2 oz at such a young age is pretty good.
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  • My milk didn't come in for a couple of days.  In the hospital and 1 day ast home I had to supplement with formula and the tiny bit of clostrum I was getting...and syringe fed her.  Once my milk came in I still pumped until I had a good supply...the  most I have ever gotten pumping was about 4oz total...and in the beginning I was lucky to get was usually between an ounce and an ounce and a half...
  • My DD had trouble latching because of the narcotics I recieved and lost too much weight at her first app.  I supplemented formula 3X/day for 3 days the first weekend, but I made sure to let her nurse or pump for 5 min every time I supplemented to stimulate milk production.  She gained all her weight back, and was doing great at BFing the second week.  I only got about 2 oz every 2 hours, but thats about what she ate, so I think that you are doing good!  I produce about an oz/hour, and my nurse recently told me thats about what LO's eat.  Some eat more, some less, but the more you put LO to the breast, the more milk you will produce to satisfy them.
  • My LC told me today that they eat 2-2.5oz at a feeding when they are this young. SO it sounds like you are producing the right amount.
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