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Should I go to the hospital?

I dont know if im being paranoid or not, and I dont want to be the girl that shows up at L&D for no reason, but im not sure what to do. Im 34 weeks today, about two weeks ago, i strated to lose pieces of my mucus plug, my doctor checked me and i was still closed. Fast forward to last night, i woke up a few times with cramps but thought nothing of it. The at about 6 this morning I was woken up with a sharp pain in my back, not centered, sort of on the right side, but it spread around to my stomach. It was pretty uncomfortable and I dh was waking up, so i got out of bed and came down to the couch. I got a few more pains in my back (they were lasting about a minute or so i wasnt timing them) and decided to try and sleep a bit more on the couch to see if lying down was more comfortable. I was able to fall asleep but was woken up by another pain. I then had a few more pains within an hour. I called my dr to see if i could get in and was told to go to L&D, but I think he says that to eveything. Right now I havnt had a big pain in about 40 minutes but i have a pretty solid back ache. Should I got o L&D or wait and see what happens?
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