3rd Trimester

Excited!! Things in my

registry have already been purchased ^_^... I feel like a nerd. I'm excited Big Smile

Re: Excited!! Things in my

  • That is sooo exciting!!! For some reason no one purchased things "off" my registry, or something went wrong with it because it never showed that anyone got me anything off of it. But, come shower time everything was from my registry.
  • I stalked mine everyday!!! I would call my boyfriend every time I noticed something else was purchased!
  • I stalked my registry for months and nobody bought anything until about a week before my shower.. lots of things that I registered for were bought though, just bought somewhere else or they didn't use the registry so it would be taken off. So don't get discouraged if there isn't much purchased right before the shower either.

    We haven't looked at the registry in a couple weeks and DH looked last night to find another item purchased.. but I have NO clue who bought it or when we are getting it Stick out tongue . I was hoping to come home to a package waiting for me.. lol

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  • my shower is tomorrow and 1 thing has been purchased off mine.
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