2nd Trimester

Argh...Maternity Jeans vent!

My jeans keep sliding down! Is this because I am at an in between stage or are they going to always do this? I've ben walking around the office all day hiking them up!

Re: Argh...Maternity Jeans vent!

  • gotta get some of the jeans that come all the way up... Friends made me swear, never to get "mommy jeans" but dude... It's so nice and comfy to not worry about your pants falling down every two seconds
  • its hard to know without knowing how far along you are...

    My regular jeans no longer fit so Ive succumb to the mat jeans.  So far Ive only bought ones with belt loops so I dont have to worry about it.


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  • Sometimes my maternity jeans fall down and make me look like I have a diaper on.  But I just hike them up.  As your stomach gets larger they should fit better.  Have you tried to wear the bella band with them as well?  I know its double duty, but it works. 
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  • Opps sorry...I'm 19 weeks. I have the full panal jeans on but I feel like the nylon/elastic stuff isn't as tight as my Bella Band.
  • This happens to me too, I think I bought too large a size, because after wearing them around even one time, they streeeeetch. Oh well. At least I have no fears of getting too big for THESE britches!
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  • I just bought some last weekend and mine are doing the same - quick fix: if you have a bella band or be band, wear it! I am wearing mine with my maternity jeans today and they are staying up great!! I am in the inbetween stage too.
  • I'm 19 weeks, too!  I'm in maternity pants exclusively, and my jeans also sag below my butt.  The bella band helps, but it's annoying to have to layer them.  I think once your belly fills out more your pants will stay up better.  (BTW, my maternity pants are all the over-belly variety that almost come up to my armpits!)
  • That happened to me when I tried them on earlier this week.  I think I need to wait a few more weeks for them to fit. 
  • I'm exclusively in mat pants too and I've had the same problem. But I think my issue is that mine are too short. I'm going to try Motherhood this weekend to hopefully find a longer pair and will probably pick up a bella band type thing too.
  • I think it depends on the jeans.  I bought a pair of small denim capri pants from Motherhood and they would not stay up.  Finally, when I was on vacation I found out there was a Gap Maternity there and bought a pair of size 4 jeans and have never had them slide down my butt.  So I'd just go try on different pairs if you have the time and patience. 
  • I have this problem w/ mine too.  I use my bee band & they stay put.  I'm sure we will grow into them.
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  • I have no panel and demi panel jeans, and both fall down and sag. They did the same all the way to the end of my first pregnancy too.
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  • at least you can use the bella band or something. try either looking like urkel or having to tuck them into boots because the fashion powers that be swear pregnant ladies don't have long legs, or that we have ultra deep pockets to pay double for maternity jeans.

  • It might help to try a different style/brand of jeans. I have had good luck at Pea in the Pod. Mine are AG Jeans, and I have also tried on Citizens of Humanity that fit really well too. The sales lady at Pea in the Pod showed me to pull on the part where the elastic meets the jean, as long as there is a couple inches for room to grow you are good. Hope this helps :)

    (Oh and mine are only two size larger than my normal jean size...this gives room for hip expansion and tummy growth. :)?

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  • image courtney24:
    Opps sorry...I'm 19 weeks. I have the full panal jeans on but I feel like the nylon/elastic stuff isn't as tight as my Bella Band.

    Put your Bella Band over the panel.  That's how I keep all of my too-big pants up. 

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  • I got ones from the gap that button and zip and have elastic in the back.  I call them "toddler pants" because they have adjustable bands on the inside as you get bigger.  They stay up and look like normal pants!
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