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Buying a crib from Babys R Us

I am starting to look for this stuff and really like the Baby Italia line at Babys R Us.

Question - does Babys R Us have coupons or other offers for use with baby furniture?  Just want to check b/f I make the plunge.

Re: Buying a crib from Babys R Us

  • Sometimes they do.  What we did was apply for the BRU Visa when we ordered our furniture.  We put the furniture on the new Visa and we got 10% off since it was our first purchase.  Getting that 10% off such a big purchase was great! 
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  • we opened a babies r us credit card and you get 10% off your purchase. idk if that's something you want to do. also, sign up for the email newsletters on their website.. sometimes they send you coupons by email.?
  • Sign up for the Rewards card and start your registry so you can get on their mailing list for fliers and coupons.  Also, follow the Baby Cheapskate blog - they will usually post up PDF's of the current BRU coupons.  They do run 10-15% off furniture coupons fairly regularly where you don't need to get the credit card.  
  • They have coupons out right now for 10-15% off car seats, play yards, high chairs, etc. but not furniture. I happened to catch a sale at Babies R US that was only going on in the store, not online. I got the Sorelle Tuscany Cider collection convertible crib, Serta 200 coil mattress, changing dresser and high boy for $825 after the 10% discount with the credit card app--and got 6 months to pay it off interest free. It was usually priced at $1300 for the whole set. 

     Compare prices with Walmart for the cribs...I found out a week later that I could've gotten the same crib for $200 at Walmart (but they weren't selling the matching dressers or any mattresses.) 

     Another bonus is if you register with them and don't get the presents you needed from your list, you get some percentage off, I think 10%, after your due date.

  • YES! Get on their rewards email list. Or snail mailing list.

    We just bought our crib and dresser using a 15% off coupon on each one! Never buy anything without a coupon from babies r us!

  • They also have great furniture sales every couple of months. They should be due for one soon so I would definitely wait. It only takes a couple of weeks to get most of their sets.
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  • Have to check with your local store.  I bought my crib from BRU and used a bed bath & beyond coupon! Big Smile Heck yes...20% I'll take it!
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