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Test or not to test?

So I put this post up on a different board and the responders were not so kind(sorta snob like). This is my first time trying to get pregnant and this is my fourth cycle I have tracked religously. Through out my life I have been very regular and I am four days late. I took a test yesterday and it was negative. Am I over re-acting or should I test again in a couple of days. If you are going to post something please be nice about it and don't use all of the initials. Thank you. Big Smile

Re: Test or not to test?

  • test in 3 days or so... good luck.
  • FYI- Some of those same bitchy posters post here too.

    You were given an answer. Quit being a whiney brat.




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  • Have you been charting? You might have O'ed late this cycle due to sickness or stress. If you did not chart than it probably be best to hold of for another week or until AF comes.
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  • If you are tracking religiously then you must be charting your temps.  Do you have a link to your chart?

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  • you might have ovulated late, so wait a a week and if not period then test again. test weekly until 60 days since your last period then call your Dr, if you haven't have a period or a positive. Good Luck
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  • Well, you could have ovulated late. If you dont get your period (AF) in the next few days, test again, if still negative, call your Dr. Good Luck.
  • Do you know what day you ovulated?  A test should be accurate 14 days or more after your ovulation.

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  • Yes, if I were you I would probably be going insane and testing everyday after I was late for like 2 days.  But just try to be patient and yeah, if AF doesn't come test in a couple of days!
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  • if you have cheap internet tests, then go for it! Otherwise, I would suggest waiting until I was about a week late.
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    FYI- Some of those same bitchy posters post here too.

    You were given an answer. Quit being a whiney brat.



    Thank you.

  • I would test in a few days.
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  • Good luck!  :)
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