spitting up more than usual?

the last two days my son has been spitting up at each feeding, quite a bit, is this ok? he doesnt feel feverish. hes only a 6 weeks old, but he would normally only spit up mabey once a day. he also seems to be fussier than usual the last 2 days. is it just a part of geting older? i worry hes not eating enough if he keeps sitting up every time...

Re: spitting up more than usual?

  • My LO was spitting up a lot and when I asked the pedi about it she said that it is normal, sometimes if they eat too much it can cause them to spit up...if he is really fussy it might be reflux. My LO was like that for a while around that age, but now that he is older he seems better, he still spits up a bit, but he is not fussy anymore. Maybe try to hold him upright a little longer after feeding to see if that helps. HTH
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