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soy formula

We told the pedi at our appt that our baby almost always seems fussy andd unhappy and it seems like he has some stomach issues.  She suggested that we try soy formula...anyone notice any difference after switching to soy?

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  • We noticed a moderate difference, but not drastic.  We also had to switch bottles to really see a change.
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  • I'm breastfeeding this baby but with my other two daughters--- YES! I noticed a huge difference. Soy formula was hands-down the best thing we could give them.

    But know that each baby is different. It's worth a try. Give baby about a week or two to adjust to the new food to see how he takes it.

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  • We also had problems, but after about a week on the soy he was much better. If there are no rashes and its just upset stomach/gas you can try the gentle formulas first, that is what the doctor had us try and he was still getting a rash after feedings.
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  • Did you try using gripe water? 
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  • I tried the Similac Senistive first and she did much better on that.  I read about Soy Formula online (I know don't do it especially when sleep deprived) and thought it would be better to try the Sensitive first.  We noticed a significant change almost immediately.
  • If you haven't tried reduced lactose or lactose-free yet, I'd do that first. Do some research on soy and boys. I will not put my son on soy unless absolutely necessary. He is doing much better on a reduced lactose formula.
  • He was on Nestle Goodstart.  We tried Enfamil Gentelease and he didnt seem much better he seemed to do the best on the Goodstart but he is just fussy alot.  he is not content by himself for more than 5 mins and he has been crying a lot in the evenings, I am afraid he may be colicky.  The only thing that calms him down when he gets really bad is turning on the vaccum cleaner.  Is Gentlease a reduced lactose formula?
  • I BF the first 4 weeks and she was incredibly fussy while and after eating. We switched to Similac Advanced and still fussy and colicky. At 6 weeks we switched to the Similac Isomil Soy Based formula and she has been like a whole new baby. We tried Mylicon, Zantac, a zillion burping techniques but nothing helped as much as the Soy for us. (So annoying because my mom said from day 1 that we should just start her on soy since that's what "all the babies in our family always need." and it turned out she may have been right. urghh!!) But she's happy now so that's all that matters.
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