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Rec your doctor at Abbott Northwestern!

I am currently seeing Dr. Kameshikov, but I'm considering switching doctors. Anybody have a doc they LOVED that delivered at Abbott? I have a high-risk pregnancy (mono/di twins), so if you have any input on a good doctor for a high-risk pregnancy, I'd love to hear that too!


P.S. If you have a great case for me to stick with Dr. Kamenshikov, I'm open to that, too. :-)


Re: Rec your doctor at Abbott Northwestern!

  • Not sure which group you're currently with, but I went to the MN Perinatal group at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. It's a high-risk group and they have a few locations around the Twin Cities. I actually went to the clinic at Abbott Northwestern. I LOVE them!! They are some of the nicest doctors (and nurses) I have ever met/had! You can tell that they absolutely love what they do (and are great at it!). You actually don't see just one doctor there though. You see which ever doctor is there that day, which I think was really good, since you never know which doctor will be in when you go in to labor or if you ended up needing a c-section. That way you'll have a relationship with several. I highly recommend them!!!

  • I am currently seeing Dr. Linda Maag.  She's with John Haugen Associates and they deliver at ANW Hospital.  I have been happy with my care with her!

  • I'm actually looking for an OB doctor there as well. I see the Heart Failure Specialist at the Minneapolis Heart Institute down there, and they may want me to deliver down there, so I have a cardiologist on sight when I deliver. I saw this and thought " Wow, other ANW people!" Otherwise I will deliver at St.Cloud Hospital, where my mom is a L&D nurse.
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