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Your tricks for helping with tummy ache

LO seems to get tummy aches quite a bit...what tricks do you have that work? Sometimes laying her on my chest will help, but I can't always get her to calm down. I give her the Mylicon drops too to help with gas.

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Re: Your tricks for helping with tummy ache

  • There is a picture in my siggy of Cam laying accross a "warming sheep". It is filled w/ corn. I put it in the microwave for 1 minute until it feels barely lukewarm to me. I then shake it around well, test it for lukewarmness again and lay Cam accross it....usually it goes b/w him and my chest. It really seems to help calm his tummy when he has hiccups. These drive him insane and make him a cranky baby! At the hospital the recommeded a warm towel accross the tummy or a good snug swaddle. Good Luck! =)
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  • I gave LO some gripe water 2 days ago and it seemed to help.  I also lay her on her back and "cycle" her legs and push them up to her belly.  That pushes out some gas.
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  • Where did you get the warming sheep?
  • I dance around and bounce vigorously, while holding her upright.  Watching Glee helps with this because then I have an ensemble cast to join in my dancing.  Also mylicon and letting her sleep in her bouncy chair rather than flat on her back, or laying on her tummy while I'm watching.
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  • I lay dd across my arm with my hand between her legs and her head in the bend of my elbow, I use my other hand to rub her belly or massage it with slight pressure, this usually calms her down and she either falls asleep or poops/passes gas and is relieved!  HTH!
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