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Job hunting while preggers - mostly venting

So I hate my job, not so much the job but the company. The medical insurance sucks - I dislocated my ankle and the insurance covered $36 of my emergency room bill thats less than what I contribute out of my paycheck! I've since switched to the hubs insurance but with that I lost my ST disability. I am "allowed" 10 wks unpaid maternity leave. (Meanwhile owner of the company bitches to me that his 3rd daughter didn't get quite as good maternity pay as his other two who got full 12 wks paid - Hi, you give us nothing A-hole). The last girl who was preggers got laid off with a round of others, but there were people that should have gotten laid off before the preggers girl.

I've been looking for a job but recently found out I'm pregnant. Has anyone else out there tried getting a new job while pregnant? Did you tell them during the interview? We all know they're not "supposed" to discriminate but I'm sure they can find a reason not to hire.

Re: Job hunting while preggers - mostly venting

  • I found out I was pregnant after 2 years of TTC... was looking for a new job anyway, had been actively interviewing already...went on an interview, aced it, and accepted the job at ~6 weeks pregnant.  I started working ~10 weeks pregnant, and told my boss when I was ~13 weeks along that I had "just found out today!" boss was great with it, and I've been working here ever since and love my job.

    I didn't qualify for FMLA protection, but my state has a FMLA-type program that protects your job for 12 weeks.  I was eligible for 13 weeks of STD paid at 60% salary, I took off 4 weeks pre-baby and 10 weeks after baby, and then came back part time.

    In short, no don't tell them in your interview.  Tell them after you are hired, when you are comfortable with it.  If you had any other kind of medical condition (a bad back or whatever) you wouldn't mention it in your interview, it's the same thing.  Most women tell their boss around 12-15 weeks I believe.

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  • Do not mention it in an interview. Like you said, they can always find a reason not to hire you, don't give them an excuse to try.

    I would tell them after you have an offer, along with your acceptance. I feel like waiting until after you start might be viewed as bad form (unless you're starting when you're <10 weeks, then you legitimately might have not known). You want to be on the best terms possible with a new employer, so I would be open about it once you have the job and negotiate with them the best way to move forward.

    Good luck!

  • Keep in mind that they're not legally obligated to offer you any type of leave, so make sure to negotiate that upon offer (but do not bring up before the offer).

    I'm not sure it would be realistic to expect much more than 6-8 weeks leave (unpaid) from a new employer.


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  • I accepted my current job when I was 17 weeks pregnant telling my supervisor when she offered me the job.  I told her at the time I understood I wouldn't qualify for FMLA and my plan was to take off 6-8 weeks depending on how I delivered, unpaid.

    I had a csection and returned to work at 8 weeks pp and all has worked out well.

    Good luck!

  • If you are unhappy at your job, I definitely recommend looking else where.  I agree completely that you should not tell potential employers you are pregnant right away.  I have been going through the same thing right now.

    I am 15 weeks pregnant and just accepted an offer.  I was so miserable at my other job and the relief I experienced is amazing!  I went on a couple interviews at my new employer and did not tell them I was pregnant until I received an offer in writing.  However, I made sure to ensure them that I was 100% committed to the position, and would remain so after the birth of the baby.  They were concerned because this position does involve a lot of travel, but I assured them my pregnancy would not impact my travel or my performance.

    I like to think of it this way.  When you are in your first tri-mester, many people often do not tell some friends and family they are pregnant, so why would you tell strangers?

    Of course this is all just my opinion, but it did work for me.

  • I would look up the Maternity laws for your state. For Michigan, there is mandatory up to 12 weeks leave with out the loss of job. Company has to keep your job available. I am 15 weeks and looking for a new job. I will not tell them I am pregnant during interviews because I do not have to and they cannot legally ask me. I will tell them after job offer, and let them know I will return after baby born.

     But i would reccomend looking up state laws.

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