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When do you give up pumping?

I am down to getting about 4-5oz a day.  DH saw me pump 1oz the other day and asked me if it was worth.  I am beginning to wonder if it is worth it anymore.  So, when do you know to give it up?
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Re: When do you give up pumping?

  • do you ep or is that after bfing?
  • Either way, whatever you can give her is great, especially with cold flu season fast approaching (it's already here!), but if its stressing you out, then it'd be better for you to be happy,  I bf and pump, and still have to supplement with really makes me want to quit...but i'm doing it for all the antibodies he gets (we've already had croup, strep, colds, and fevers in our house in the past monh),  Good luck
  • That's all I've ever been able to get.  :(  I BF, pump at work and supplement with formula and I told myself that I would stop pumping and go to just BF at home when it stressed me out or didn't seem worth it TO ME.  It's the time you take to do it, so that's really what you need to decide.  At the end do you feel it's a waste of time? 

    If you can keep going a little longer, great!  If not, then your baby has already gotten so many benefits of your love.

  • I've been debating this very same thing.  My supply has cut nearly in half, and we have had to go through half of my frozen milk.  I really wanted to make it to at least the 6 month mark, but I'm beginning to think that it might not happen.  I dont know why I feel guilty if I stop.  Like a PP, I want him to have the antibodies.  I was sick a few weeks ago and now DH is sick, DS hasnt been sick at all (knock on wood).  All of my neices and nephews were formula fed and so was I and DH.  But I still feel guilty.  The joys of motherhood.  I guess its just about weighing out the pros and cons and what fits best for you and baby.  Good Luck!  Let us know what you decide!
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  • Im doing breast and formula (1/2 and 1/2)  And im trying to make it to 6 months, i hate pumping with a passion, but I am trying like heck to stick with it.  The guilt is a killer isnt it?
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