starting birth control again? HELP!

just had my 6 wk check up and everything went great and they gave me BC. i got home and read the phamplet and am confused. it says start the day of or the sunday after your period.

but ive read that if you BF you may not have a period for a while, but can still get pregnant. is this true?

if it is true when can i start taking BC?

Re: starting birth control again? HELP!

  • Those instructions assume you're mid-cycle and just have you finish it out before starting a new pack.  That doesn't apply to you, so start them whenever you want.  Sunday isn't a magic day, you can start any day of the week.  Most BCP dispensers have the days of the week on them (starting with a Sunday) so you can easily look and see if you've already taken one that day or not.  Also, since you generally don't start bleeding for a day or two after taking the last pill in the pack, starting on Sundays usually means that you won't have your period over a weekend when you might have travel or social plans.
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