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Internal ultrasound at 16wks show sex?

Hey everyone...I'm going in to an unexpected appt to have an internal ultrasound to measure my cervix on Wed.  I'll be 16wks1day and I'm wondering if I might be able to find out the sex....Has anyone had one of these?  I don't know anything about them, but I'd love to find out if it's a little girl or boy in there early!!

Re: Internal ultrasound at 16wks show sex?

  • I found out at 15 weeks, so maybe, hopefully they'll take a look for you! :)
  • I have an AP so I have more ultrasounds than the average person because they can't hear LO's hb on the doppler yet. My u/s tech was able to tell that it was a girl at 16 weeks, and my official u/s confirmed it at 18 weeks.
  •  I was told correctly at 14,15,16 wk u/s-- and confirmed at my 20 week ultrasound I was having a boy & girl. The 16 week one was a vaginal u/s because I had spotting...so I would say YES - if the tech is good.

    But they are going to be checking your cervix, which involved pushing down on the belly and measuring the cervix, not looking at the fetus - so ask them to scan the baby afterwords if you get a nice tech

    At least with my boy, there was no doubt he was ALL boy at all these u/s! :)

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  • thats exciting!!! hopefully they can tell you!:)

    i cant wait to find out!

  • My ultra sound tech called boy about 15w. But, I'm not running out and buying all blue. I have my next U/S on Nov 18th and I'll have the double check things then. GL!
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  • Could be, I was lucky to learn the sex of the baby at 13 wks, it can be seen even earlier, but it is quite unusual (boys are always easier)

    Good Luck!

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  • To be honest an internal sono may not be able to determine sex due to the angle it is being given. When OB has deteremined sex of all 3 of my girls she really had to maneuver around the belly to get good angles to tell. The internal will show a good shot of the cervix. That is why they do an internal and not a belly one can't see the cervix well from a belly sono.

    I hope I am wrong and they are able to tell you though. I did find out at 16 w 2 days with this one and 16 weeks with DD#2 also.

  • I had an u/s at 15w3d to measure my cervix.  (You can check back at my previous posts because I asked a question similar to yours about how the u/s would go)  The tech did an external u/s first and I asked if she could guess the sex.  She guessed boy and then did the internal u/s.  Since he was in the breech position she got a really good shot with the internal u/s and said she was pretty sure it's a boy.  It was confirmed at our 18w3d u/s last week.  I had no pushing on my stomach like the PP said, but I'm sure all places do things different.  Good luck!
  • I found out during my internal ultrasound at 13 and a half weeks!  There was no denying it was a boy... Big Smile
  • it worked for me... i was 16 wks also and they asked if i wanted to know and so she fooled around until the baby showed us most of the time the techs seem to be nice abt it... good luck:)
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