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Dumb bottle question

This is probably stupid, but is there any reason I can't use a BM bottle for my FF DS?

We started out exclusively BFing, but it turns out I have hypoplasia and can't produce milk so we have to FF.  DS also has some suck problems so we were using a special needs feeder with a Haberman nipple.  He's ready for a "normal" bottle/nipple now and we're trying to find which one works the best for us; he HATES Playtex drop-ins, DH doesn't like Avent because they leak too much, and the Bron Free is only "okay."  I'm planning to try Dr. Brown's, too, but so far DS's hands down favorite is the Medela bottles and nips that came with my breast pump.  They're supposed to be used with BM - is it okay to use them with formula or is there some reason that's a bad idea? 

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