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How loud do you have the monitor?

I am having a hard time sleeping at night.  I am a light sleeper and even more so now that DD is here.  Right now DD is sleeping for different amounts of times so I can't predict when she will be getting up next.  Usually I like to anticipate when she will be hungry so I can make a bottle before she starts wailing. 

But last night I heard her stirring on the monitor and checked the video monitor and she was moving a good amount so I thought she was waking up, this was about 3.5 hours since she fell asleep.  By the time I made the bottle she was back asleep having never fully woken up.  She didn't wake up to eat until 1.5 hours later.  In that 1.5 hours though I was constantly waking up to check on her.

I am thinking I should turn down the monitor so I will only hear her if she is screaming, but I kind of hate to do this.  I love that she is sleeping for longer periods of time, but it would be nice if I could sleep for these same stretches now that I am back to work.

What do you ladies do?

Re: How loud do you have the monitor?

  • Our dd is directly across the hall so I do have our monitors on low, but I sleep on my back so both of my ears are up.

     The other night dd slept forever...I woke up at about 4 thinking she would wake up any  minute, by 4:30 I decided I would just pump.  The silly girl slept till 5:30...I was so proud of her, but I wish I could get a memo when these long sleep patterns turn up.

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  • That is EXACTLY how my night went last night.  I feel the same way.  I like to get the bottle ready before he gets all worked up.  Because he is only one room away I am thinking of turning the monitor off tonight.  I think he may sleep longer sometimes but I get him too quick.  Last night he started to get a little worked up but I decided to try and let him go for a bit and he fell asleep. 
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  • I completely understand this. Our baby sleeps in our room and for the past 3 nights I have slept on the couch in the living room because she stirs so much. And you know what? I've slept much better and so has she!

     I turn the monitor on loud enough so that I can hear full-out crying, but soft enough that I cannot hear the whimpers and strains. She sleeps better b/c I'm not constantly standing over her to see if she's "really" awake.

     Babies make so many noises I was unaware of - I think it's just a matter of getting comfortable enough to know when they really need us.

  • DS's room is right next to ours so I can hear him if he wakes and starts crying.  I turn the volume completely down, I used to have it up but he is a restless sleeper and makes noise all night so I would never get any sleep.  We have a video monitor so if I wake up I just hit the button and can check on him. 
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