Exclusive BF and now have to supplement- help

I am not on here much anymore so I haven't seen past posts on this but... I need to get formula for my boy.  I am out of supply and the daycare doesn't have anymore to feed him, so my question is what is a good supplemental formula that you have found.  He can't have milk products either.  I am really at a loss and will gladly take your suggestions!


Re: Exclusive BF and now have to supplement- help

  • Do you mean he can't have normal formula, he has to have soy?  I'm confused by your post.  I would ask your pedi what they reccomend and also for some samples.

    Every baby is different, I would buy several small cans of different formulas and see how your baby does.  My DD will eat Enfamil, Enfamil Premium, and Kirkland, but Similac makes her cheeks really red, so we don't give her that anymore.  Does that help?

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