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How much milk does your DC drink per day?

Mine drinks like 35 oz. Too much!!! We are making an effort to reduce that by only offering her water inbetween meals. We don't do juice, per pedi recommendation. She gets slightly annoyed but gets over it quickly. And amazingly, she is not anemic.

How much does yours drink?

Re: How much milk does your DC drink per day?

  • Sixteen ounces, if that. He used to love milk, but has not been drinking as much lately.
  • DD drinks 9 oz a day.  Sometimes, not rarely she will have a sippy before bed. 
  • 14-21oz a day. 2-3 sippy cups a day.  they do drink juice... but mainly water with a splash of juice. they also like to have a yogurt smoothie every once in a blue moon.  otherwise, I set out sippies of water for them to sip on in the day.
  • Not sure if I should be so worried since her weight and developmental milestones are right-on track. Her vocab is amazing and her speech is super clear, so I'm told, for her age. So, I'm sure she's getting enough "fats" from her daily dose of whole milk yogurt and 1 oz of cheese per day.

    Honestly, I was the same way. My mom tells me I used to finish 1 gallon of milk (1%) every 2-3 days, by myself. I was a milk hog!!! LOL!


  • Anywhere between 8-16 oz. She usually drinks one whole sippy in the morning, and then mostly drinks water during the day unless she asks for milk instead.

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  • How do you all know the oz?  I have no clue!  I just give DS a cup of milk at all 3 meals (and water the rest of the day), and sometimes he drinks all of it (and may want more), and sometimes he barely drinks any!
  • Way too much! I could have written this post myself. I haven't added up the ounces, I'm afraid to. Probably 5-6 sippy cups a day on average, at least. Yikes! No wonder he doesn't eat as much! We are implementing the milk at meals, water between meals, also. We're also going to try to transition out of sippy cups at meals. If it's in a sippy, he downs the whole thing at once, like he's drinking out of a bottle or something. His favorite snacks are yogurt and cheese, so I'm not worried about his dairy, that's for sure!
  • Most days, I'd be surprised if she drank 10 oz. She has never been a big milk drinker (never really liked formula or BM, either). I throw away way more than she ever drinks.
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    We're also going to try to transition out of sippy cups at meals. If it's in a sippy, he downs the whole thing at once, like he's drinking out of a bottle or something.

    This is a great point I hadn't thought of! She does down her milk like instantly! I always tease DH that we're going to have a beer chugger on our hands come college. Oy vey. I think I may try to take the lid off of the sippy at meals as well:) Thanks.

  • 24 oz.....he always asks for more, but then he'd never eat!
  • 16 oz per day per pedi. wish i could get him off the bed time one
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  • 16oz, 8 in the morning and 8 at night.


  • We're trying to limit him to 24 oz a day.  He could drink a whole gallon if I let him!  Pedi said to limit ALL dairy to 24 oz a day so he gets a little more than he should but he's still eating well.  

    It does make me feel bad sometimes though because he goes to the fridge and asks for milk and I have to try to give him water instead.  It's not like he's asking for candy or something kwim?   

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  • My pedi told us that my ds' 4-5 9oz cups a day were fine.  He also eats cheese like its candy.  She told me that most children dont drink enough milk, so as long as he's also eating, it's fine.  He only drinks water if it's out of someone else's cup or bottle, and most days he'll get a cup of juice also.  He is still eating his 3 meals, plus a snack every day.  My pedi also said that he doesnt need to be drinking water, as long as he's still peeing regularly, and getting fluid into his system.  He just needs to be hydrated, but it doesnt have to be done with all water.  He drinks his milk after each meal, including a cup right before bed.  It's part of his bedtime ritual.  I know when it's time to potty train him, I'll have to give him his milk earlier, but since he's still in diapers, we're fine.
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  • I don't measure anymore but I do know that he won't even come close to finishing his playtex insulator sippies of milk which I believe is 9oz. So if he were to get the max offered he'd get roughly 24oz a day offered, but he doesn't even come close to drinking that. When we are home I've started putting milk in a small kid cup and letting him drink that. My guess is he gets around 10oz a day.
  • Carson has always been a milk hog.  i quit counting after about 15 months or so.

    he gets milk at all three meals and water the rest of the day. and sometimes a cup of milk before bed.

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    How do you all know the oz?  I have no clue!  I just give DS a cup of milk at all 3 meals (and water the rest of the day), and sometimes he drinks all of it (and may want more), and sometimes he barely drinks any!

    This exactly!  I have no clue and it is never the same from meal to meal.

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  • Usuall a sippy in the am for breakfast, a  small glass of milk at dinner, and then another sippy of milk a little before bed. She would drink it all day if we let her though!
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  • M would rather drink milk than eat. I have to limit it to 20-24. Pedi says no more than 20, but I don't see the harm in a little more.
  • Eva goes through milk like crazy! ?I'm not sure how much she drinks in a day but we use almost two full gallons each week. ?I need to start doing water between meals- I buy organic milk and it is getting really costly to feed her milk addiction!
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  • Almost none. I buy a quart (32 oz) and it lasts an entire week (though DD is in daycare all day and does drink some milk there). But she eats A LOT of yogurt, so I and the pedi are not worried. She easily goes through 2 quarts of yogurt a week, which I think has more calcium (oz for oz) than milk. I buy lowfat plain yogurt and lowfat strawberry or blueberry yogurt (all organic) and mix them together 50/50 to cut the sugar.

     She used to drink more milk when she was still on the bottle (we gave that up at 13.5 mo) but once we were on sippys she would never drink more than 1-3 oz at a time (from a straw cup or regular sippy cup-- we tried every kind imagineable).

  • she drinks about 24 oz a day, but i am completely guessing.  she does drink milk sometimes at the detriment to her eating, but not often.  She generally eats a full three meals a day with snacks.  She also nurses twice a day (though doubtful she gets much more than a few ozs)


  • Probably around 14-18 oz.  He gets a sippy in the morning and at lunch and tea for supper.  He drinks juice  and water too.
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  • My son drinks ZERO!  Ever since I took his bottle away on his b-day-September 5th-he won't touch it.  We tried Strawberry, Chocolate, Pediasure, everything.....We make sure he gets yogurt, cheese, etc.  He always used to take forever to drink his bottles, and I assumed it was just because he was taking his time, but now, I'm thinking he never cared for it.

     My daughter drinks about 24oz. per day.  She LOVES, LOVES, milk.

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