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***June Momma's***

Come say hi! :-)

How have you told your families that you're expecting? Or if you haven't yet, how are you planning on doing it? 


Re: ***June Momma's***

  • I have told immediate family - such as parents, siblings and such. The rest of the family will find out at Thanksgiving!


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  • We were thinking of waiting until the first u/s to tell family, but we just can't wait. I had an idea to tell on Halloween. We'd show up at my parents' house in costume: me with a huge bump and DH in a t-shirt that says #1 dad. When everyone laughs and says aw haha what are you guys supposed to be, we say we're us 7 months from now, bust out the pee stick and say boo-ya!
  • DH has told his immediate family as this is his first and he is super excited.  I have yet to tell my family, I really want to wait to tell my kids (14 and 10) just in case something goes wrong, they've already been through enough (divorce and me getting remarried), I want to make it to the 2nd trimester before they are let in on the good news.  
  • We just told my family and his mom this weekend.

    The way we told his mom was we wrapped a bib for her that says "Thats it! I'm going to grandmas!" and when she opened it she asked what it ment and I told her I was pregnant.

    And we pretty much did the same thing with my parents.

    We were going to wait until Thanksgiving too but I couldn't hold it in anymore LOL

  • We blabbed to our parents only. Unfortunately we live in different states, so we had to call. We're thinking of telling family who live down here (at least part time) and see us often, at Thanksgiving. That of course depends on what our doctor visit on Nov. 4th brings!! :) They are already suspicious and if I go to one more event not drinking, they'll know what's up!
  • We've told everyone, we couldn't wait. I showed up at my parent's house with DD and she was wearing a shirt that said Big Sister. They were shocked but so excited! We hadn't even told them we were trying! Then my mom and I called family and close friends.:)
  • We told dh's parents over the weekend. They invited us over for dinner. We didn't plan anything cutsie, we were just going to drop the bomb on them over dinner.

    Before we even got the chance the perfect opportunity presented itself. MIL (who is only 41) told us that she was 9 days late last week and the Dr. wouldn't refill her hormone prescription w/o her taking a pregnancy test first. MIL and FIL were talking about how crazy and scary it would be to be having another baby at their age, especially w/ all their children already grown.

    So I said, "Yeah, that would be really crazy, it would be like Father of the Bride 2, we would be pregnant at the same time!"

    Both MIL and FIL's jaw dropped open! They were like WHAT?!  They are so excited!

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  • We haven't told yet, but I'm dying to tell my mom!  Our first U/S is on Thurs, so I want to tell my mom after that. I'll probably just call her though.  I'm not fancy.

     Also:  Please don't bust out the pee stick.  They will believe you, and that's kind of gross.

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  • image meangene:

     Also:  Please don't bust out the pee stick.  They will believe you, and that's kind of gross.

    LOL I thought it may be gross but I wanted to have some sort of proof haha.
  • The only people we've told are my Mom and Dad.  We'll tell DH's family at Thanksgiving, given there is a hb.
  • i have no patience! i told everyone as soon as i found out, over the phone. lol!
  • Hi fellow June mama's!!!

    I have only told my 2 best friends and my sister (who lives in the same town). I want to tell my in-laws, but, I am trying to figure out when we will see them both. They live in the same town, so, it's just a matter of figuring out the timing. The rest of my siblings are out of town, so, I am thinking of sending an email out with a shirt that I bought for my son that says "big brother" with "10" under it for the year 2010. I contemplated waiting until Thanksgiving...but I don't think I can wait that long!

    Good luck to everyone! Look forward to sharing our experiences with each other!

    Jen, mom to Evan-6yrs and Ella-20 months
  • We plan on telling both our family's after our first doctors appointment (November 6th). Party!!!

  • Hi Lexi and everyone else! We haven't told anyone yet. We plan on getting DS a t-shirt that says "I'm the Big Brother" and let him wear it over to the grandparents' houses. Word will spread like wildfire after that I'm sure.
  • We told our immediate families the day we found out. We bought a small ice cream cake and had them write "Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa" on it and brought it over to my parents. They loved it!

    We called my sister and brother that day (they live farther) and MH called his parents and brother.

    I told a few friends at work for when I need someone to watch my class when I have to pee or throw up. :)

     No one else knows. We go for an u/s on Wednesday, and hopefully we will see the heartbeat. I will be 12 weeks on MH's birthday, December 7, so we are going to wait until then to tell anyone else.

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  • Hello!

    We haven't told anyone yet and it's driving me crazy. I bought matching bibs this weekend to tell my sister who is due 2 in late April. I'm thinking of buying Nana and Papa picture frames to tell my parents. And DHs parents are already asking for a C-mas list so we are going to put something about the baby on our list.. not sure what yet.

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  • I have told my mom and sister so far and we are waiting until the rest of our family comes over for Thanksgiving to tell them.  DH is going to say grace before we eat and say that we are thankful for our baby.  He says he has a whole speech written but I haven't seen it.  I can't wait!!!  I think my MIL will be the most excited.  :)  Ours will be the first grandchild on both sides. 

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  • We wanted to wait until we had a u/s picture to tell our parents, but I don't go to the doctor until next Friday and I've been told I will schedule my first u/s at that appt.  We couldn't wait that long to tell our parents, so we typed up that poem that's been floating around and told them 2 weeks ago.  We told our siblings over the phone.  We'll tell his grandparents and all of our aunts and uncles over Thanksgiving.
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  • We've told our siblings and some of our (my!) super close friends.  I told my dad b/c he was here randomly, from San Diego, and I had to take the opportunity to tell him in person.  We're waiting to tell the rest of our parents until after our appointment this Thursday, when we will see the heartbeat (praying).
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  • Hi everyone!

    We have told our parents, my husband's grandparents, and our sisters.

    My mom totally guessed it before I was ready to tell her, so that's why things happened so soon.

    DH wants to tell the rest of the fam at Thanksgiving.

    My grandparents are coming from Europe in early November so we'll tell them then and they can spread the word back home.

  • I want to wait until we see the heartbeat to tell anyone! Our appt is on Nov 18th but we are going to wait until Xmas to break the news! Both sets live out of state & we want to do it in person!! First grandchild for both sets so they are going to be over the moon!!
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  • We told grandparents and some friends. I couldn't wait!
  • We've told a few people. My sister, our best friends and I told two girls at work. We also told step-MIL and FIL tonight. Didn't get the reaction I expected but they also just learned that step-SIL is expecting #3. My mom will learn this weekend when she comes to visit. 
  • We've only told my parents so far. The rest of the family will find out at Thanksgiving. I'm especially excited to tell my Grandma - she just turned 89 and this will be her first great-grandchild!
  • We aren't telling till Thanksgiving! and its KILLING ME...both our families are doing Thanksgiving so we will tell everyone at once. We always go around the table and say what we are thankful for so I am thinking I am going to make sure I go last and say something about being thankful for the baby...
  • We are visiting our family back East for christmas, so we will tell them then! i already told my mom though, could not hold it in!

  • We were going to wait till we went to visit them over Christmas, but I couldn't wait that long.  Since it is both mine and DH's mothers birthdays are in November so we are sending them a pacifier as their birthday present.

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  • Pretty much my whole family knows.  We never laid down any rules about who our parents could and couldn't tell.  My closest friends know and a a couple of my coworkers know.  It's not "Facebook knowledge" yet and I'd like to keep it that way until after our first appt. on Nov 13.
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  • Our families live far away and we probably won't see them until Christmas...and since my mother and I talk on almost a daily basis, I couldn't wait- plus I want her prayers the baby will stick! So we called them and told them, my MIL and FIL, and called my siblings. I wish I could have waited and wrapped a bib or something for Christmas...but I can't keep secrets...especially when I need advice since this is our first baby.  I'm having a tough enough time not telling my co-workers! 
  • We haven't told anyone yet.  I had a m/c in July, the whole world knew I was pregnant and it sucked to tell them all the bad news.  This time we are waiting until 12 weeks to say anything to anyone.  Not sure how were gonna do it yet either...
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