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My friend just called and told me that her dr told her this morning at her 37 week appt. that they are discouraging anyone that did NOT get a flu shot to not come to the hospital at all and they do not want children under 18 at the hospital either. 

I can't find anything on Virtuababy if this is a rule or just a suggestion/preference of many obs to protect the new babies.

Have you heard anything about this?

Re: Visitors at Virtua

  • I haven't heard anything nor does it really apply to me but I think it's a great idea and precaution to take for those tiny little newborn lives. You aren't there long enough anyway to get too upset about it if it is that big of a deal that you can't have those specific visitors.
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  • It was on the news yesterday.  I didn't really pay attention since it didn't pertain to me but I think they said it's a new rule.
  • I'm not sure but i think it is a GREAT idea not only for the newborns but also for the new Moms that will have to care for a newborn
  • I just received an email from virtuababy saying that they ARE restricting all children under the age of 18 (unless the baby's father is under  18). 

    Here's the overview recap at the end of the email:

    To protect your newborn, you and all the other moms and babies in the hospital, we appreciate your cooperation. Here?s what you need to know about the new visitation policy.

    All visitors must:

    • Limit their movement within the facility.
    • Use the waterless soap provided before entering and exiting the patient's room.
    • Limit touching surfaces within the room.
    • Put on gowns, face masks, gloves or other personal protective equipment before entering a patient?s room, if instructed by Virtua staff.

    The following groups of people may NOT visit patients in the hospital:

    • Persons with a cough.
    • Persons with a fever. You may visit after you have been fever-free for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of fever-reducing medication, such as medicines containing acetaminophen (Tylenol?).  (Note: Aspirin should be avoided in flu-like illness.)
    • Persons who are feeling sick.
    • Children and adolescents less than 18-years old. The only exception is for maternal/child health patients who require their partner to be present.


  • An article containing most of that information was in yesterday's Gloucester County Times. Apparently Underwood and maybe Kennedy are following the same policy. I think it's great they are being proactive about the whole situation.
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  • I have heard nothing of the sort as long as they are not sick i do not see why they think that my other kids will not be their to see their little brother it will be the same people around them when they get home and as long as they are not sick what is the problem.
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