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VAG Smell:) (Possible TMI:)

Not that is smells bad, but my vag smells really different since DD was born. My MW said some people say that but there is really no medical reason for it. I don't mind it because it's not a bad smell, but it is a new one. Anyone else?!?!?!

Re: VAG Smell:) (Possible TMI:)

  • Mine smells different, lol.

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  • i think i feel ya on that one. how many weeks since your delivary? "they" say when your first healing it will smell like a normal mensteral cycle, but i cant even remember what that is like! my bussiness doesnt smell icky or foul but it does seem weird, almost sterile. i was super paranoid about an infection but im sure if that were the case there would also be an uncomfortable feeling, but theres not. good for you for throwing it out there! i the only one that checkd themselves out with a mirror every day? lol
  • Mine does, but I think it's because I'm still bleeding a little bit. 
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  • image jen-and-ryon:

    Mine smells different, lol.

    My DD has that onesie, too!

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  • The nurse from my OB's office said it was normal for it to smell as long as it was not a really bad smell.

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