Supply Issues

For the past month or so, I feel like my supply has gone down.  I hardly get anything when I pump.  I used to get a bottle's worth per pumping session.  Also, I don't leak anymore.  I used to use pads all the time, and they were always full.   Any suggestions?  I feel he is getting enough because his diapers are always wet and he has 3 or so BMs a day.  HOwever, he seems to be hungry every two hours, and he is almost 5 months old.  Any oine else experience this?

Re: Supply Issues

  • I feel like im in the same boat.  DS is just over 4 months. I EP and lately I've been getting half of what I used to.  I havent leaked in a while.  I'm trying the supplement fenugreek and the Mothers Milk tea.  I'm getting so discouraged.  I think I might have to switch to formula soon.  We have even had to use up almost half of our frozen supply.  Although, the doctor said we could start DS on cereal and baby food, so we have been trying and it seems to be filling DS up.  He isnt eating as often as he used to.  But when he does eat his bottle he eats more oz.  Also, I noticed that when I get a really good nights sleep it helps a little too.  But, its not like it used to be.  Good LUCK!!!  I hope it gets better for you!!  I know how you feel!!  I'm clinging onto the hope that I'll get a full bottle again one day.....
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  • You may have supply issues but from what I have read leaking, breast fullness and the like do not mean that you have lost your supply. Pumping is hard work so sometimes you can't get what you would like from the pump. Try massaging your breasts when you are pumping. I hope that you have some luck. Try not to stress yourself out too much. I was so stressed about it that I made myself sick. God luck!
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