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I need some reassurance/suggestions please!

DD has a crying fit when I leave her with my mom or my DH (those are the only people I've ever left her with).  She starts daycare in five weeks because I have to return to work.  I am really worried about her being at daycare and if she'll cry the whole time I'm gone. 

I'm thinking of starting her a week earlier than I return to work which, the week of Thanksgiving (a 3 day week).  I was thinking of leaving her for an hour or two the three days so she doesn't get the shock of the first day being 8 or 9 hours. 

Thoughts or suggestions?

Re: I need some reassurance/suggestions please!

  • Go pick up "What to Expect the First Year" should be able to find it at a half price book store.  It's common for kids to react when the person they feel most comfortable with is leaving because they feel completely safe acting out with this person.  The book explains it much better and gives some good advice on how to and not to leave (i.e. never sneak out).  99% of the time, 2 minutes or less after you've left, DD is on to something else and perfectly happy.  I think the 2 - 3 hours for the week before is a good idea.  Not just for DD but also for you.  Take yourself out for a shopping trip and get a new outfit or get a new haircut before you head back to the office.  It will do wonders for your state of mind.  Hang in there and good will work out. 
  • Your DD is super cute btw...congratulations!!!  It only gets better!!!
  • I think that sounds like a great idea. We started DS in daycare on a Monday and I went back to work on a Thursday. It was more for me than for him. This was nice because the first day wasn't a first full day for both of us. We showed up late to daycare and I picked up early...then he stayed a little longer each day.

    I took the 3 days to do a few things I really wanted to do that were non-baby (paint my kitchen a new color, relax & watch tv, go shopping for some new work clothes)

    Married June '03. DS born Jan '09. DD born Feb '12. No, we didn't choose to be childless for the first 6 years, only the first 3.
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