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MIL made me a diaper cake that smells so bad

of cigarrette smoke. It was for a shower she threw for me. And I'm bummed because she used a pack and a half of Huggies Pure and Natural newborn - just the kind we wanted to use in the hospital and for the first few nights until we get the hang of cloth diapering.

DH says to just "air them out" but I can't see putting smoke filled diapers on our baby. Everything else she gave me for the shower reeks of smoke but can be washed. I mean, I guess I'll just buy new diapers but it seems like such a waste.

I guess when you smoke as much as she does, you just get used to the smell. I'm wondering what will happen when we have to take our child to her house to visit? I get sick just being there a few minutes.

Re: MIL made me a diaper cake that smells so bad

  • aw  that sucks, I have no advise for you either!!  My Sister gave me the cutest little beanie hats with thic clip on flower thing & they stink like cigs too.  I know I can hand wash the hats, but the flower clips I'm not so sure about.  I may just do it & if I ruin them then oh well...  GL, I hope you find a solution!!! 
  • i have the same issue with gifts from my mom. i hate it
  • Yuck.. Maybe put them out in your garage or outside somewhere for a bit... try that before throwing them all out at least.

    I too hate when you get something that smells of someone else's smoke.  I ordered something off ebay for my halloween costume and had to promptly take it to the dry cleaners because when I opened the box I nearly gagged.

  • Personally, I wouldn't go there to visit. But that's me, I'm asthmatic w/ lots of allergies and the chances of having a child with respiratory problems is pretty good, and I wouldn't go with my baby. I would find somewhere else to meet...

    However, on the same note, I understand it's family and it's frustrating. My parents stood up for me when I was little and my g-pa quit smoking so he could see me (and my brother) more.

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  • If it were me, I'd probably try airing them out just to see what happens. You never know, it might go away. That sucks though.
  • That stinks. (Literally!)

    I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke.  Sad what a waste.

  • I'd febreeze the flower thingie, and hand-wash the beanie.

    THANKFULLY my grandparents don't smoke anymore... I was dreading that. 

    I'd just be upfront and honest with her, and ask her to please not smoke in front of the baby when you're there. If she lights up, just pick up the kiddo and go to another room. Her house will still reak, but it won't be AS bad as her smoking right in front of you. 

    I love all the baby pictures of when I was little, because you can clearly see the large NO SMOKING sign that my Mom hand-made to stick on our door, lol. 

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  • oh no.... that is a waste... i can't imagine that they would ever "air out" either.

    my MIL smokes like a chimney too (and always talks about how she has quit, even though everything mysteriously still reeks of smoke and she still has ash trays in her house) and i can't take the smell. it is awful. i hate the idea of my baby smelling like that after a stop at her house, too.

    i feel sad for you about the diapers!!

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  • Ugh, what a horrible waste! That is such a shame.

  • Air them out, try putting some febreze on the outside. It's not like the diapers sat for months and are coated with tar- and you've no idea if a week or so in some fresh air (even just in the garage) will make them tolerable.

    I wouldn't throw them out, it's such a waste. If you really want to get rid of them that badly find out if a local women's shelter or something will take them. 

    That said? I'm worried too. My MIL lets her boyfriend chain-smoke inside- the smell makes me gag. I'm not asthmatic, but I cough and cough even just a half hour in her place. I'm not looking forward to explaining why I don't want LO to spend the night. Heh. 

  • I used to smoke, but quit completely when I found out I was pregnant. My husband, however, still smokes and it drives me NUTS! I can't stand the smell. It makes me physically ill. He never smokes at home, only at work, but I told him he needs to quit completely before the baby gets here. To his credit, he has been doing well, but he really needs to step it up now that I'm in the 3rd trimester.

     My MIL sent us a huge package a few days ago filled with baby blankets, crib sheets, decorations, etc. and I gagged while sorting through it all. The linen was all in plastic Ziploc bags but they still smelled like an ashtray. I immediately threw them all in the wash, and when I thanked her for everything she said "And you don't have to worry about washing anything; I already did that for you." Yeahhh.....

  • Instead of throwing them out, put them on Craig's List for free and just be honest about the smoke.  I bet some smoker mom will take them!

    Also, not sure how picky you are about disposables.  We are trying CD as well, and were going to use as back up those Huggies until I got the sample and realized the only "natural" part about them is that they use some organic cotton on the OUTSIDE of the diaper.  The inside is the same as a regular and still has chlorine and the gel chemical that can bead up on the baby.  If you are looking for a safer disposable, check out Seventh Generation (although reviews aren't super great) or this new brand that won a bunch of awards in Europe called Nature Babycare.  They are both at BRU.

  • I got a Diaper Cake from my cousin at my shower 4 weeks ago & it smelled like smoke. What I did instead of throwing them out was to put them in a drawer with 6-7 dryer sheets. After about 2 weeks they don't smell at all. Just to be safe I put more of the dryer sheets in and will let them sit a few more weeks. GL
  • Yuck, that's gross. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. I can't use the diapers from our diaper cake, either, because my SIL hot-glued them together when she made it! Oh well.


  • Ugh...that's terrible!  DH and I have told our families that we will not be visiting anyone who smokes with LO.  I have asthma and bad allergies and his dad and sister smoke.  We have agreed to meet them at a restaurant or someplace but will not go to their homes.  And they are gift card givers...lucky for us!  Good luck with getting the smoky smell out of the diapers.,..I bet it will be difficult!
  • I'd donate them. I wouldn't want my LO to wear anything that had been around cigarette smoke unless I could thoroughly wash it. "Airing out" just wouldn't do it for me. Toxins from cigarette smoke stay on things even after the smell goes away. I read a study that said that infants who ride in cars that anyone smokes in, even if they don't smoke while the baby is in the car, have higher risk for respiratory distress, developing asthma, and SIDS.

    I think smoking is absolutely disgusting in every way. It makes me sick. I won't go to anyone's house who smokes inside, or ride in a cigarette smelling car. I also wouldn't let anyone hold my LO if they smelled like cigarettes. Luckily, I don't have any family members or close friends who smoke. 

  • That stinks (literally).   Would throw the whole thing out...even though I am an ex-smoker I absoultey cannot stand the smell of smoke.  I gave my MIL an ultimatum that she had to quit two months prior to LO's due date or else she will not be allowed around him.  She quit a week and a half ago. 
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