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When do you exercise during the day?

I don't do a very good job of budgeting my time during the day, or at least that's how it feels. When do you exercise during the day and what is LO doing when you exercise. I need to start a regular routine. I'm just not feeling great these days and I know some exercise will help. Thanks!
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Re: When do you exercise during the day?

  • definitely interested in responses because i definitely need to make the time during the day.

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  • I have good intentions of working out while Hallie naps but I have yet to do it.
  • i run on the treadmill during morning nap..and for afternoon nap i do a workout video.. i only do a mile on the treadmill so it don't take to long and then the workout video is like 30 mins. so i still can get other things done while my youngest naps.. my DS#1 watchs tv or me while i'm doing it..
  • In the mornings - we usually get there around 9 AM (DS goes to the gym daycare while I am there). I go 3-4 times a week. I take DS to the park or something after we are done and then I can shower and dress during his nap.

    I occassionally go in on the weekends or evernings (8 PM or so) when DH is home, but only if I can't make it at my usual time for some reason.

    Also, we walk everywhere - I don't have a car. I  do  at least 2-3 miles a day pushing the stroller (in fact, the walk to the gym is about a mile each way). Although, now that DS is insisting on walking everywhere himself instead of being in the stroller we aren't getting as far, and my speed certainly isn't what it used to be Smile

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  • I hit the gym in the evenings after hubby gets home and then go for a walk every day with my son. I also was able to take my LO with me to the gym today since it is a small privately owned gym (hubby is out of town) and LO got a kick out of watching me lift weights for an hour.
  • I do a DVD workout right after breakfast.  The girls just play in the same room or if they start to get in my way/bug me too much I'll put them upstairs and let them watch TV for the remainder of my workout (it's the 30 Day Shred which is only 20 minutes).  Then we usually go for a walk right after that.  I like to get it out of the way before their nap so I can do other things during.
  • We go to the gym right after we drop off my middle child at preschool (about 9:30).  They have childcare for DS.

    Some mornings I will run before preschool dropoff if DH is working fro home that morning. 

  • when my son is napping i do stuff at home like crunches, dance, squats, weights and leg lifts. other than that right after a feeding and a clean diaper put him in the stroller and go for a 45 minute walk which puts him to sleep so by the time we get home i have just enough time to shower and get ready before he wakes up to eat again!
  • I exercise during DD's 2nd nap. DS usually "works out" with me so it's a good way for both of us to get some exercise. During non napping times, DS and I usually run around our first floor playing chase.
  • Not NEARLY as much as I should. There always seems to be something more important. I am the queen of rationalizing reasons to procrastinate, and always have been. 

    I've found that the only way I'll actual exercise is if I've signed up for a class.  That way I feel like I need to get my moneys' worth. See if you can find any Mommy-and-me classes. Or in the past I've signed up for classes at the community college in the evening. Knowing it'll have an affect on my undergrad GPA helps me motivate! 

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  • When I started getting back into a workout routine she was napping twice a day.  That doesn't make it easy to get to the gym and/or run errands.  

    So I started doing DVDs and Wii Fit at home.  She would either nap, or hang out in the living room with me.  And often, she would giggle and be very amused by me jumping around and panting.  

    Now that she's only napping once a day we have lots of morning hours to fill.  So I take her with me to the gym and she stays in the daycare there.  It took us awhile to get comfortable with this but now she loves it and will run off with barely a backwards glance.   

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