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Possibly growth restricted, anybody out there?

At my last appointment on Monday, my doctor told me that I was measuring small for my stage (37 weeks and the previous week everything seemed fine but I dropped about a pound between appointments) and he wanted to check on my low lying placenta, so he had me go in for an ultrasound. Everything seemed okay at the ultrasound, the tech said she was small but everything looked okay. Then later that night my doctor called and said that she is measuring about 2 weeks behind. My fluid levels are good and the placenta is out of the way so he doesn't know if she is just small or possibly growth restricted. He said that we'll be checked at the next appointment and sent for another ultrasound if he thinks it necessary and discuss our options which include delivering early. I'm a little freaked out and trying not to be. Anybody else in the same boat or similar?

Re: Possibly growth restricted, anybody out there?

  • you're 37 weeks, isn't that when baby is considered full term & ok to be delivered? I have heard that if she is growth restricted it is better for her to grow outside vs inside...


  • At my 37 wk appt, I was measuring 3 weeks behind. They sent me for an u/s that week & said things looked fine, baby just a little small. Had 38 wk appt this past monday & I had a growth spurt & was measuring 36 weeks (still 2 wks behind). My midwife said that was great. They typically dont even send you for an u/s unless you are more than 2 weeks off, so if I were you I wouldnt worry.

  • I learned that two weeks off in either direction isn't a problem, as long as you feel good and baby's moving okay.  I've also heard that if your baby has "dropped," you'll start measuring smaller since part of baby's in your pelvic cavity.
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