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how to make a diaper cake?

I love the diaper cakes, do any of you have directions or photos you could share? I want to make one for my friend.
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Re: how to make a diaper cake?

  • I don't personally know how, but I googled "how to make a diaper cake" and a got a ton of helpful sites, including some videos. HTHs!
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  • I said on my post that I don't remember what site I got instructions off of but I just found it saved on my desktop. 

    I went to and   (Clicking on those should open the links in new windows.) 

    I found those pages my Googleing "How to make a diaper cake".  I looked at a few different pages but those are the ones I used.  I didn't use a baby bottle in the middle though.  I just used diapers.  And I also didn't use pins, like one of the sites suggested.  I used regular rubber bands on the individual diapers and big size rubber bands to hold all the diapers in a tier together.  (I didn't bother trying to find clear ones either.)  I put ribbon around the rubber band to hide it.  I over lapped a bit and using double sided tape to secure the ribbon to itself.  To get the tiers to stay together a bit better, I carefully ran 3 wooden dowels down through the diapers.

    Hope that makes sense and can help you.


  • Supplies
    1 jumbo box Size 2 diapers its cheaper not to mix up sizes and Smaller makes the cake too small.
    Clear hair rubber bands (Goodys makes them)
    Card board base, used for making cakes, craft section of walmart
    Some onesies
    Hot Glue
    Extra set of hands is helpful

    Wrap each diaper in a rubber band with design on the inside, then make the base of all diapers, attach ribbon to hold it together with tape.  This is where the extra hands are useful.  Then do layer 2, this is where I put hte onesies.  Then layer 3.  Layer 3 has 5 or 6 diapers in.  Once it's all in place, replace the tape with hot glue.  The scotch tape doesn't' hold the ribbon well.  Add your other accessories as you like.


  • Same basic instructions as above, but I added more baby accessories by tucking them in the ribbons used to hold each layer together.

  • idk....i think for my shower my mom used different sized tuperware bowles, ribbion and a dowel from an arts and craft store. you should be able to find it online good luck!
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