3rd Trimester

Advice on weight gain from now till January!

Hey!  I am due the 1st week of january and i am starting to notice that this trimester I have already started to eat like CRAP with halloween around the corner, my birthday, etc.  I seriously FEAR for Thanksgiving and Xmas with all of the feasting that goes on! 

Anyone have some brilliant plan for how they are going to control cravings/urges?  I am 29 wks and last week had to stop running/elliptical because it just got too uncomfortable.  Now that I am just walking for exercise, I am starting to think about food more and more!  Don't know what that's all about! 

Re: Advice on weight gain from now till January!

  • I'm just doing what I have always done- everything in moderation- if I get all strict on myself I find I just crave the crap..so its better to have a little bit then none at all in my book...

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  • instead of one big chow fests, i have been eating small meals spread out through the day.


    i say this now, but get that thanksgiving dinner infront of me and i'll go to town!!


    I fully plan to enjoy it while I'm still pregnant haha because once baby comes out i can't make excuses

  • im right there with ya,unfortunately i have no suggestions :( im finding it hard to resist my cravings and just eat healthy right now cuz acid reflux,i just want bread..
  • I'm totally in the same boat with no brilliant answers.  My plan is to keep walking & cut out sweets [boo!]. 

  • The best advice I can give is not to buy food that is bad for you.  If it isn't in the house you won't eat it.  And bring lunch to work that way you don't eat out and eat stuff that is bad for you.
  • Like PP, everything in moderation. I went through a huge weight gain between 28-32 weeks (16 lbs) and I was eating the same things. I was told this was normal, so prepare yourself. I figure, weight gain is going to happen, just don't go overboard with it. This is the one time in our lives where we should enjoy and not fret over weight gain.
  • Self control? Allow yourself to indulge in the goodies when they are around. Just make sure you don't keep them in the house and you eat sensibly most other times. I start with a healthy sensible breakfast to get my day started right.

    I have noticed that I still burn around 650 calories in a workout even though I can't run any more. This helps me feel better about feeling like I'm not getting a proper workout.

    Hope you end up like me. My baby is transverse (sideways) making eating difficult. He's so high up that I can barely eat a full meal. I'm very much a one egg, one small pancake, and one piece of bacon or a salad and a few bites of salmon for dinner. It's all I can do yet somehow I always find room for cookie dough. Hmmm... I was kidding about hoping you end up like me. It's pretty miserable having a 6lb baby inside your rib cage. 

  • Spluging for a few days over the next few months isn't going to hurt anything.  Honestly, I'm not worrying about it too much.  I'm just happy that I can eat again.

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  • I'm in the same boat. It seems as soon as I've hit 3rd Tri my appetite has seriously increased....and I've already gained 30 lbs.! I don't have a "plan" really, just trying to be extra cautious. If I put limitations or start denying myself- I'll go crazy so I'm just going with moderation and making good choices. We'll see though....
  • Remind yourself that you're not outta the woods for GD yet! If you get crazy w/ the feasts, and the candy, you'll end up with a glucose issue.

    I'm Type II Diabetic, so I don't eat tons because it makes me feel horrible, and I pay $800 a month for insulin/testing supplies. If I eat tons, it costs more. Trust me, small meals is worth not getting GD.

  • Last night I was craving something sweet, I asked my DH to slice up an apple and I dipped it in peanut butter, Not really what I wanted, but It did satisfy my craving. Maybe try fruits along with something sweet to dip it in. Also I started doing Prenatal yoga, and it's awesome, not only getting your body ready for labor...or for keeping tone to your body :) Just what I'm doing these days, Not sure if this can help you.
  • You could pretend that you were dx with GD (like me) and then you would really have no choice but to eat OK...
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  • image JulieandBen:

    I have noticed that I still burn around 650 calories in a workout even though I can't run any more. This helps me feel better about feeling like I'm not getting a proper workout.

    Mind if I ask for ideas on a workout?  I would LOVE to still burn that many calories without running!  I honestly never real did anything other than run or the elliptical cuz I never had the need to!  I'd love suggestions!  Signed up for yoga, but it's only 2x/wk and too $$ to do more!


  • Well, since I've gained 49 pounds as of today, I'm probably not the best person to give advice, but there are certain foods I just CANNOT have in my house. Figure out what the bad foods are and keep them out of your house, and figure out what healthy snacks you'll actually eat (I can buy cucumbers and tomatoes all day long, and I like them, but if I never actually cut them up and eat them, they don't do me any good) and buy those.

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  • Everyone has had good recommendations.  I still work out, and moderation is key, but I do indulge and plan to during the holidays.  I love holiday food to much to not indulge.  Just don't keep your temptations in the house if you won't be able to avoid them once in awhile.  Luckily though I didn't gain anything until about week 18, so I am a little behind the ball on weight gain, so I don't feel so bad for indulging here and there.  GL!
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  • I am due in mid-January, and I have already gained 22lbs! I started out at 98lbs, and I was worried about not gaining enough weight. Now it seems like I'll gain too much!

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