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**roll call**

I see that this is a newer board & thought that we should all introduce ourselves. 

1. You name, age & where you live. 

2. You child(ren) name(s) & age(s).

3. A little something about yourself. 

Re: **roll call**

  • 1. Kim - 27 O'Fallon Missouri2. Colton -13 months3. I work friday & sunday night shift 7p-7a as an RN at a local hospital. I have the most supportive husband. We have been together for 10 years, married for 3. We had a miscarriage back in 2.5 years ago discovered at 12 weeks. We are head over heels crazy in love with our little monkey. We are planning to start TTC again in the spring so i will be able to take 12 weeks of FMLA. We aren't really avoiding, so who knows. I would love to have a "surprise" baby!Welcome to all the new mommies & babies & Congratulations to new BFP & Good Luck to all those that are TTC!! 
  • 1. Leslie, 27, Kirkwood

    2. Kelsey Lynn - Due Nov. 13th

    3. First time mom.  Originally from Tennessee.  Married my Arkansas husbby a little 5 years ago and have Been in STL ever since.  LOVE Kirkwood.  Ready for our little girl to be here and to celebrate our first holiday season with her.  Like photography and love to spend time with family (even though they are all far away).

  • 1. Sarah, 25, Jefferson County

    2. Eli Scott, due on November 23

    3. I work for a large local horse farm training horses and training people to ride them :-)  I adore God and my church family and am grateful to have them both in my life.  DH and I are so thankful to be blessed with our first child and can't wait to meet him!

  • 1. Amber, 26, Small Town in IL

    2. NA

     3. TTC and no one really knows except us but I'm so ready for it to happen!

  • 1~~ Jess~~ Fenton


    2~~ Due in 2 wks


    3~~ I will be staying at hm for the 1st year at least. This is our first and are totally excited 

  • 1) Amanda, 27, St. Louis

    2) No kids yet... DH and I are getting ready to TTC

    3) DH and I are high school sweet hearts... But I only started dating him to get back at my ex-boyfriend who happened to be DH's best friend at the time.  Funny... it's 10 years later and I found the love of my life because of some silly high school drama.

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  • 1. Melissa, 25, South County

    2. 1 son, Hayden. He is 20 months old. 

    3. I love Disney World! DH and I are always planning our next trip!

  • 1) Keianna, 30, Florissant

    2) Claire, due 2/27/2010 (our first)

    3) I am a teacher by trade, but currently I am a SAHW and soon to be SAHM. I am passionate about scrapbooking, photography and my hubby and I love to travel. We celebrate our 6th anniversary next month and are excited to start our family :-)  Oh and originally I am from Chicago. 

  • Kristy 25-Jefferson County

    2. Miracle Baby due on June 12th 2010 our first!

    3. I am an account analyst, I love Tv shows expectually reality shows, love spending time with family and friends and of course my wonderful husband we have been together for 7 years and married for 4!

  • I just realized there was a local board. How exciting!

    1. Christine, 30, O'Fallon, Mo

    2. Baby girl due Feb 17--Sophia Isabella

    3. Hmm...I've worked at St. Johns Mercy for 10 years. I started as a pt tech and now am the Operations Assitant on my floor. My husband and I have been married for 4 years, been together a total of 12 years. We have 4 cats and 1 dog.

    TTC #2 July 2014

    Me: 35 DH: 36

    FF Chart

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    DD1 Feb 2010

  • 1.  Jen, St. Charles county

    2.  None right now.  Currently seeing an RE.

    3.  My husband and I have been married for 3 years.  We have two furbabies and are both teachers.

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  • My name is Miranda.  I am 25 years old.  My amazing husband and I are expecting our 1st child in April.  We live in Chesterfield.  I am soo excited to be a mother and to start expanding our little family.  I have a Beagle named Cooper.  He is very spoiled and we love him like a child:)  I love scrapbooking, shopping, and hanging out with my dog.  I've also really enjoyed planning for the baby!
  • 1. Kelly, 28, O'Fallon, MO

    2. TTC since April, MC in July

    3. DH and I have been together for 9 years and married for 4.5.  I am a teacher.  We are both very anxious to get the show on the road and start bakin a baby! :)

  • 1.  Connie, 32, St. Charles, MO

    2.  2 stepchildren - 13 and 10

    3.  My husband and I have been together over 7 years, married for 3.  I'm a planner so I started taking my temperature about 3 months ago and now know that I am a 14 day ovulator on a 28 day cycle.  We wanted to start trying in November but my husband was laid off so we're going to wait a few more months.  Hoping for a girl.

     I love Disney World too, SunshineClarity.  We go twice a year.

  • 1. Daphney, 34, St. Charles, MO

    2. 5 weeks pregnant with #1.

    3. I originally met my DH in high school, but we weren't friends until 15 years later when we reconnected and started dating. We just got married on 9-19-09. I can't believe we got pregnant the first month off of bcp. I'm cautiously excited. We are telling our family on Halloween.

  • 1. Laura, 30, St. Paul (north of O'Fallon)

    2. Abby, 5 months

    3. My husband and I have been married for 3 years on Wednesday.  We have one dog and three really our house is officially a zoo now that we have a baby. 

  • 1. Heather, 34 in Des Peres

    2. Our son Carter will be 3 on Christmas Eve.  He's a constant source of laughter and is so buys these days!  Miscarriage earlier this year in the 10th week.  We are pregnant again and due date of 6/9/2010.

    3. Hubby and I have been married six years.  We are college sweethearts and have been best friends for almost 15 years.  Just moved from Webster to Des Peres.  We both work, although I have a flex schedule that allows more time hom with our son.  We're excited and anxious about expanding our family.  Hoping this one will stick and be a healthy pregnancy. 

  • 1.  Sara - 29- St. Peters

    2.  Marleigh is 7 months old

    3.  I work full time outside of the home right now.  Thinking about staying home, but not so sure.  I have two cats and a dog.  I am a HUGE Cardinals baseball fan.  I also love to try different types of beer.  Mostly I I enjoy just hanging out with my family and friends!

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  • Angie - 28 - Wentzville

    No little ones yet.  TTC since 4/2008, curently seeing ER

    DH and I have been married over 6 years and loving it.  Have two furbabies, a mini Yorkie and Rat Terrior.  We love getting out and doing things, sporting events, wineries, movies, etc.

  • Mercedes- 25- Edwardsville, IL

    18 month old DD named Addie Mae

    I'm a working mom who works in retail, I have been married for 3 years.... I LOVE using coupons :)  I am obsessed and save SOOOO much money by doing it!  I love to share my secrets to get the best deals!!!

  • Heather- 30- Jefferson county

    married to Adam for 10 years

    5 kids,  Brianna 10, Paige 8, Josh 7, Hannah 5 and Evelyn 3 months

    I am currently a  stay at home mom going to school to be an RN :)

    I love to spend time with my family and go out on dates with my husband

    mommy to 6 crazy wonderful kids ~~~ missing my 4 angel babies
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    My crazy wonderful life
  • 1.  Elise, 23, South City

     2.  We just found out we're pregnant this past weekend... first appointment in a couple weeks.

     3.  Dan and I have been married for just over 7 months, and while we weren't planning a baby, we weren't 'not' planning either... :>  I love reading and music, and spend the other small portion of my free time trying to remodel our house! 

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