2nd Trimester

2nd child.. I am huge. will it ever level off?

I'm at 20 weeks with #2 and I feel massive! I'm much bigger than I was with #1, and yet I weigh less than last time.

question: will this huge belly ever even out? Or am I just going to keep growing at an accelerated rate until I hit 40 weeks? Is there a point when you can't tell if it's baby #1 or #2 or whatever, or will I deliver looking like I'm carrying twin elephants?Tongue Tied

Any BTDT? How does this usually go?

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Re: 2nd child.. I am huge. will it ever level off?

  • i'm in the same boat as you!  Baby #2 at 16 weeks and way bigger than i was at 6 months with my first, and weigh about 30 pounds less than i was at my first pregnancy. 

    i'm hoping to level off soon - i've already started grunting when i get up from sitting and walk with a little waddle!

  • Yeah, right there with ya - I feel like I look how I was near the end with DD - and my weight gain is way less this time around.  Hoping it levels off too, otherwise.... yeah, let's not think about that! LOL!
  • If it's any hope - I think I have leveled off.  It seemed at like 14 weeks, I looked 6 months along in the evenings.  But now, I think I seem more right on for how far along I am.  I'll have to go check my pictures from dd to know for sure, but I don't feel like I'm growing too quickly now.  :)
  • all i can say is weight gain and 'showing' don't go together for me.  i showed really early with #1!  yikes.  but, i was VERY slow to gain weight and only gained 27lbs at term.  i measured 'ahead' the whole time till the very end.  that being said, i don't feel like my belly was gianormus, just very round.  i helped that i carried low i think.

    this pg looks about the same except that i am 'showing' a little differently.  with dd i was all belly and it went straight out.  my belly is broader this time, looks more like a beer belly Confused...not cute. 

  • I've been wondering this very same thing. ?I was HUGE at the end with #1 (I'm super short-waisted & have no room but straight out). ?But, I wasn't really showing until 20+ weeks. ?This time I am only 16 weeks and feel like where I was at 22 or something with #1. ?AGHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • I'm right there with you....I am huge and haven't gained a single pound yet. If this belly keeps up I won't have ANY clothes that fit me Sad
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