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Question about the nursery.

Okay the baby is due March 3rd (will have c section in mid-feb) and with my first child, now 3, I didnt have the prevaliage to get a real nursery ready.  I just want to know when is a good time to get the nursery ready? I dont want to go out and buy everything in the dead of winter, so should I do it now?-I am only 20 1/2 weeks....Let me know when you all got yours ready! :)

Re: Question about the nursery.

  • We find out the gender of the baby 10/26 and will start on the nursery then.  I will only be 19w3d then.  The nursery will be painted the same regardless and we have already chosen the furniture.  GL and have fun!
  • I know we are going to order furniture next weekend, I would do it this weekend but we are so busy this weekend.  Anyway we are getting it from the same place we ordered DS's furniture and his took 12 weeks to come in.  I would say get started, at least it will be done.
  • We weren't able to find out the gender of DD at the fetal growth & developement u/s so we picked sage for the wall color to keep it neutral. We set up the crib, glider, dresser and a few other neutral things. We were planning on waiting until I gave birth to get the bedding. Since we knew the baby would be sleeping in the pack & play bassinet by us anyways. But I had kidney stones at 24 weeks so had another u/s a few weeks later & found out we were having a girl. So we did get the bedding at our shower. We planned to have it mostly set up by the start of the 3rd tri. we were just lucky enough to have it completed by the start of my 3rd tri. HTH

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  • I am 24 weeks and the nursery is painted, furniture is ordered (will be here the first or 2nd week of Nov) and we (sort of) have the bedding (my mom bought it but won't be giving it to me until my first shower in mid Nov). So it will be most done by 30 weeks, at least all of the major things. As far as decorating, we will see what things I get from my showers before doing any more decorating. I think at least starting now is a good idea.

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  • Get started whenever you want.  We already picked out the paint and bought the furniture.  We 're waiting to find out the gender, then its decoration time.  I'm slowly but surely cleaning out the room and organizing the house.  I'm only 14 weeks, but I figure, I won't want to do it when I'm bigger or paint when its freezing out with all the windows open. 
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