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Wierd Dream

Last night I had a dream that I died in a hospital.  The strange thing was that it felt like someone was pulling me out of my own body and then right before what seemed like 2 hours of darkness I heard my husband and daughter crying.  It was the oddest feeling and then I finally woke up and about an hour after that, my daughter woke up with a bad dream. O.o


I'd like to hear from anyone that has had some very odd, vivid dreams during their pregnancies. 

Re: Wierd Dream

  • I have had dreams throughout, mostly about my ex boyfriend.  However I keep having dreams that I am in labor and I have triplets! HAHA
  • Glad you posted this....I have a funny one....

    I had a dream that I was on my way to the doctor because they had to take the baby out and check it and then put it back in. I was all upset because I didn't understand why they needed to take it out and was concerned that it wouldn't make it. I was crying but my hubby was telling me to do what the doctor wanted. I was like 14 weeks or so when I had the dream.

    Pregnant dreams are so weird and extremely vivid! It is nuts!

  • According to my big u/s we are having a boy.  About a week ago I had a dream that I had a little baby girl.  In my dream I said "But the Ultrasound said we were having a boy" to which someone replied "The ultrasound was wrong"  I have had dreams before this of having a girl, and now I have very strong doubts that I might actually be carrying a girl.  Doesn't help that a family friend just had a girl that she was told was going to be a boy.  I found this out after the dream so it had no influence.
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  • I've been having crazy, vivid dreams throughout my pregnancy. The kind that wake you up in the middle of the night and you feel happy, sad, angry, etc! I hope they stop soon - I'm TIRED!!!!
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