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Morning sickness question and intro

Hi all! I used to write on GP (the nest) a while back and took a break when morning sickness took over my life. Now I'm back (though still battling the nausea and vomiting) and I thought I'd hop on the 2nd tri board :-)

So, I'm just over 14 weeks and people keep telling me that the morning sickness will go away as if it was never there before... some people said 13 weeks would be the magic date, others have claimed 14 weeks is when I'd pop out of bed feeling great.  Not so much. I know this can go on for 16 weeks or even the whole pregnancy, but this is seriously taking a toll on every aspect of my life. I have virtually no social life anymore, cooking and cleaning are such a chore, and I feel increasingly sorry for my husband who has to put up with how irritable I've become.  So my question to you is... How do you deal? How do you get through your day? 

I should also mention that I currently live in Dublin, Ireland and the doctors here have a strict policy about not prescribing ANY anti-nausea meds. So that's not an option for me.    

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Re: Morning sickness question and intro

  • the worst of the m/s ended for me about 12 weeks, but I still, on occasion feel really  nauseated. In order to deal, I would make sure that I had little snacks with me throughout the entire day - they were the only thing that helped settle my stomach. Then, I'd lay down and sleep whenever possible. I hope it eases up soon for you!
  • Everyone told me 13 was the magic number too so I was literally counting down to it, but no such luck. I was prescriped anti-nausea pills but they didn't work very well for me. It started to let up around 16 weeks for me, as in going from throwing up multiple times a day to only 2-3 times a week.

    Now I am almost 18 weeks and it is pretty much gone. I can finally eat like a normal person again, for the most part. I threw up once last weekend but I think it was because I ate too much, too fast. I'm still not 100% myself but if this is as good as it's going to get during pregnancy, I'll take it! It's a huge improvement from the 10 weeks of morning sickness I had. I hope it goes away for you soon. Good luck!

  • Hey im 16 weeks pregnant and I had morning sickness untill last week I still get sick sometimes but not like I did. what I did when I was like you are now I just had crakers by my bed and in the morning eat a couple before you get out of bed and see if that helps. During the day i kept crackers and peppermint with me and also eat ginger snaps or drink ginger ale the ginger helps with the nausea. Also dont drink anything carbonated it makes your stomach more upset or at least it did me. My doctor wouldnt prescribe me anything either so I know how you feel. I hope this helps you some I hated having the morning sickness.
  • I wish I had a more encouraging situation but I can tell you at 24 weeks and a couple days I'm still puking even with nausea meds.
  • Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I think I'm doing everything I can... snacks on hand all the time, ginger, crackers... all of it! I'm just having a really rough day today as I haven't been able to keep anything down. Really hoping I get some relief soon...
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  • I hate to say it but for some of us, it's true, it never completely goes away :0( I'm 22 weeks and still puke almost everyday. But I will say that the puking multiple times a day and the constant nausea did improve around eighteen weeks for me. I was on Zofran for a weeks or so and it didn't do much for me except make me make my nausea worse due to constipation. I'd say you are better off without the meds. 


    Avocado's and bananas were about the only thing I could eat that didn't come up right away. And chocolate soy milk helped quite a bit as well. GL! 

  • I never really threw up that much, but I had pretty much constant nausea.  Jolly ranchers helped me a lot.  Mine lasted until about 15 weeks, then (mostly) went away. I had a throwing up incident out of the blue a couple nights ago.

    Good luck!


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  • I was sick to the point where I couldn't do anything besides eat bland stuff and lay down all day for the first 15 weeks.  It did go away, but it was not like one day it lifted and that was that.  Week 14 to 15 was an easing of the morning sickness and then the next week I had days I felt great and days I felt ok.  Now I seem to be great 90% of the time but I will take it lol. 
  • My morning sickness actually got worse when I entered 2nd tri but luckily it was short lived after that and by the end of week 16, I was feeling better. I'd recommend getting plenty of fluids and always having snacks available that help with your particular m/s. For me it was sour patch kids and almonds. Don't stress out if you need to take it easy- you're growing a human, lady! That's hard work!

    Hope things start looking up for you soon!

  • I?m sorry you?ve been experiencing horrible morning sickness. I know exactly what it feels like to have morning sickness take over your life. After a month of bed rest and a hospitalization, I?m happy to say that it did get better at 13-14 weeks. However, at almost 20 weeks pregnant, I still get sick a few times a week. I was prescribed Zofran, but even that doesn?t help when I?m severely nauseated. Since medicine isn?t an option for you, I would just suggest eating small meals every few hours. I used to suck on lemons and that would help a lot with the nausea. However, all methods don?t work well for everyone.

    I hope your morning sickness starts to subside; I really do feel for you! It?s miserable, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  • I had awful morning sickness from 5/6 weeks until 16 weeks. I thought that I would be vomiting for the entire pregnancy! Now, I am 18 weeks and I only get the occasional passing queasiness. As people have already said, eating crackers first thing in the morning helps a lot. I also would snack on a few before every meal to sort of prep my stomach. Small meals throughout the day helped, ginger ale, & anything sour that you can have on hand can also cut through the sick feeling. Ginger supplements 3x a day were also recommended to me near the end of my m/s- my aunt said they really helped her get through her pregnancy.

    As far as cleaning- do what you can and let others help you out. I tried to be wonder woman about cleaning in the first tri, and it was a complete fail. I can't say that I have that 2nd tri energy boost yet, but it does get better.


  • Ugh!  I'm so sorry.  I still have really severe morning sickness.  I too have been told it would go away, but it hasn't.  Fortunately, I have Zofran to get me through the worst of it.  I don't know how you're holding up.  There are whole days when I just stay in bed. 
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  • Again, thank you so much for the support and advice! You managed to make me smile for the first time today - pathetic, huh?! 

    By the sounds of it, most of you have experienced at least a little relief on some level and that gives me hope :-)

    How did your husbands deal with you being sick all the time? Mine has been great most of the time but I feel like he's just as sick of me being sick as I am :-(  

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  • im sick like a dog myself and it just feels like theres no relief... my husband has been wonderful but yes there are days when i do worry that hes sick of it... ive asked him - and he says he isnt but he is sometimes tired of doing everything since i basically am not doing anything at all at home..?
  • For me, the trick has often been keeping my stomach not-full but not-empty, b/c either one makes the nausea worse. Meat in general has been almost impossible to eat most of the time, too. 

    Lots of carbs helps me, and cold things like slushes or Wendys frosties. I probably went through a 1-pound bag of pretzels per week during the worst of it, which was over by about 13 weeks. Then I started getting a few days of consistently feeling good and being able to eat normally -- but if I test it too much, I tend to throw up again. 

    With my first pregnancy, I felt totally normal by 14 weeks. This time, I've still had the rare puking episode beyond that; I just lost my lunch yesterday at 17 weeks. :( I'm crossing my fingers that this doesn't continue!


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  • I completely understand how you feel. I'm currently 20 weeks and am still throwing up. (And I'm on an anti-nausea med)  I've lost 20 pounds and my doctor has threatened IV fluids and vitamins to keep me nurished. Every day is a struggle for me and I don't know how I get through honestly. I guess somedays I just cry all day long wanting it to be done and others I try to keep busy with whatever I can handle, whether it be movies, reading or as much activity as I can handle. 

     As far as keeping foods in, someday I do ice chips or a cup of hot water. What a meal, huh?!?!  You'll get through it! I promise.  It won't last forever...even though it sure seems like it will. Believe me...I'm there.

  • So sorry your still sick.... I was taking Zofran and that helped me.... I tried to wean myself off them....and I still throw up some mornings.... but not nearly as much as I used to......So it has eased up a little.... I had read on here that some people use Unisom (its a sleeping pill thats over the counter) and B6 vitamin..and it helps them... try googling it... I never tried it ...and I don't know the dosages to take for it... but it seems some people swear by it.....I hope you get some relief soon!
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  • It hasn't ended for me. I can't make it through most days without meds so I really have no advice. There weren't any non-medication remedies that did any good for me.

    Sorry you're so miserable.

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