1st Trimester

lack of activity due to Nausea

I ran a few miles a week and used weights before I became PG. Since I became pregnant I had nausea. It has gone away (I HOPE) and was wondering if people resumed their workout when they felt better??

Re: lack of activity due to Nausea

  • I would think you could.  Maybe just slowly start back into it though.  I wouldnt go right back to the way you were before
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  • I am in the same boat.   By the time this nausea passes at 12 weeks (fingers crossed), it will have been almost 6 weeks since I felt like going for a run.   Even without being pregnant that is enough time to lose strength and stamina. 

    With both my pregnancies I was told to keep my HR under 125 bpm, so that means running is out for me anyway.  I will have to settle for walking hills or the elliptical trainer.     I've really noticed an decreased lung capacity with this pregnancy so I'm not sure I could handle it anyway. 

    If someone has been able to get back to running I would love to hear about it too.   That would be so encouraging.   

  • I plan to. Just start off a little easier than usual and listen to your body.
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