Pregnant after a Loss

scared to try again

My DH and I are thinking about TTC again after 2 miscarriages. They were years ago and I have been so scared to start again. I really need some success stories....If you have had a loss and then a healthy pregnancy and children, share your story with me.


-Thanks so much-

Re: scared to try again

  • I had a healthy dd in July '06.  TTC #2 in fall 2008.  1st m/c 12/08, 2nd m/c 3/09 and BFP 6/09 - expecting a boy and 21 weeks along! 


    For me, the pain was worth it.  Good luck to you!!!  Keep your chin up!

  • I had 1 MC before this pregnancy.  After my MC, I honestly thought something was just wrong with my body.  Thank God, in this pregnancy, my baby has been growing like a little champ.

    Everything happens for a reason, and I've learned that good things really do come from bad things.  When you are holding your baby, you'll be grateful for everything that led you to that point - even the bad things. 

    A lot of my friends who have had multiple MC's have little babies and toddlers running around their houses now. 

    I hope you're here in no time!

  • I think we can all relate to this.....unfortunately, its very normal.

    What I always reminded myself was that just b/c I had two m/c's did not mean I couldn't have a healthy baby. Have you done any testing or were they early m/c's? Almost always, the "earlier" m/c's are chromosomal issues and are beyond anyone's control.......they were a fluke.

    My first PG was a m/c at 5.5 weeks and then we got PG with DS (who is now a healthy 2 year old!). We then got PG after having DS, and I had a m/c at 10.5 weeks (this one was especially hard and has made this PG not enjoyable......but....we got PG again and I am now 4 weeks away :)

    It will happen for you! For me, my desire to have kids was more than the fear of having another m/c.....

    GL to you!

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