3rd Trimester

2 of my 3 boys have H1N1 =(

Well, I thought I would make it, but the H1N1 has showed up in our house.  My youngest two sons, 9 & 12 yrs old tested positive this afternoon so the whole house is being treated with Tamiflu right now. I've noticed a headache and sore throat this evening, I just pray for no fever.  I'm already High Risk & have Type 2 Diabetes, so lets hope that my meds can help so I don't end up in the hospital.

On a good note my baby girl had her measurement sono today & she's gonna be a "BIG" Girl, she's already weighing in at 4lbs 2oz @ 30 weeks & my fundal height measured 8 weeks ahead @ 38 weeks.  That puts her in the 82nd percentile for her weight & size. During our 3D sono today she was licking her wrist & hand while holding onto her umbilical cord too.

Re: 2 of my 3 boys have H1N1 =(

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