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Help! Just diagnosed with GD, I know nothing about it and I'm freaking out!

Okay ladies, I'm a crying mess right now and am scared.  I don't know anything about GD but was just told over the phone by the nurse practitioner at my OB's office that I failed the 3 hour test and I have GD. I have to go get a monitor to test my blood sugar and have to go see a dietitian. 

So, here come a bunch of stupid questions that if I'd lurked on the high risk board at all I'd probably know the answers but I'm in no state to sift through all the old posts so please bear with me.  Could I have prevented GD? I love sugar, fruits and candy-is this my fault? Is there a risk of harm to my baby? What are the risks of GD? What do I have to look forward to for the next 2 1/2 months?

Please Help! Reassure me that things will be okay! TIA

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Re: Help! Just diagnosed with GD, I know nothing about it and I'm freaking out!

  • can't answer your questions-but looking forward to seeing what people respond.   i have a 3 hour test in a couple weeks-failed my one hour yesterday.    good luck
  • I don't have GD but I do know you couldn't have prevented it.
  • No you can not prevent GD it is related to hormones from the placenta preventing the process of insulin. It can be controlled very easily by diet and sometimes meds are needed too. It can be very frustrating at times but I think you should check out on the high risk board for support. All the risk and harm to the baby is if it gets too big. Good luck!
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  • Things WILL be okay!

    I had GD during my pregnancy with DS last year. ?I reacted like you are reacting now- panic. ?I'm thin and fit and thought only overweight people got GD. ?First- NO- you can not cause GD. ?It has something to do with your placenta's hormone production. ?There's nothing you can (or can't) do to prevent GD. ?So get that thought out of your head!

    As long as you control your blood sugar, the risks to your baby are very, very minimal. ?The nurse at my doctor's office said the only time they've ever seen scary complications were in women who ignored the diet and routinely allowed their blood sugar to soar into the 200-300 range. ?You won't be doing that, so you can really rest assured that your baby will be fine. ?

    As for what you have to look forward to- a very healthy diet! ?I was SO bummed because I love carbs and sweets, but I tell you- I have never felt healthier than when I had GD and was on the diet! ?I'm sure your dietician will help you figure it all out, but basically you need to stop eating sugar and limit your white carbs. ?Wheat carbs are usually okay as long as they're "washed down" with a lot of protein (chicken, cheese, eggs, etc.) ?However, every woman is different and you'll learn quickly by testing your blood sugar what works for you and what doesn't. ?I was even able to have a small bowl of ice cream at night as long as I stirred in nuts! ?Exercise will also be very important in controlling your #s. ?I took a short walk (even 15 minutes helped) after eating and that helped my numbers to stay in target range.

    My son was on the big side (an ounce shy of 9lb at 39 weeks) but I think that has more to do with my family history of big babies than with GD. ?My doctor did encourage me to schedule a c/s due to the baby's size and my lack of progress- he also said the risks of fetal harm with GD increase if you go overdue. ?I do know GD often ups your risk of c/s, but not always. ?And I LOVED my c/s experience, so even if it ends up that way, that's not so bad either! ?:)?

    Hope this helps you to feel better. ?You'll be fine! ?So will baby!?

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  • I had GD with my son and have it again this time too.  First, RELAX.  It is scary and stressful and a lot to take in when you are already going through so much, but stress can raise your blood sugar.

    No, you could not have prevented it.  Anyone can get it, but some are more at risk for it.  For example, people who have diabetes in their family, women who began their pregnancy overweight, older mothers (and "older" when it comes to GD is over 25!?), black and latina women, women who have had GD before or had previously delivered a large baby are more likely to get it.  It's NOT YOUR FAULT.

    Yes, uncontrolled GD can put you and baby at risk.  However, I know from my experience, my sisters experience, multiple friends experiences, and also from women on this and other parenting boards that you CAN have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.  GD can be managed and controlled.  Sometimes by diet alone and sometimes medication may be necessary too.  (Exercise also helps, even if it is just a walk after dinner.)

    Most commonly, there is a risk that when the baby is born he/she may have low blood sugar.  This is not usually a big deal.  They'll test the baby right away and if necessary, feed him fluids to raise his blood sugar.  When my son was born, he spent his first few hours in the NICU being monitored and tested.  He was FINE and soon returned to me. 

    GD babies are usually larger.  My son was 8lbs, 9 oz and delivered a week and a half early.  I was induced because of his size.  I think women with GD are typically induced 1-2 weeks early.  

    There are other risks, but to list them all would be hard.  You can get good info on the American Diabetes Association website.  (Plus recipes and meal ideas!)

    It's confusing at first, but the nutritionist will help you figure out what to eat, how much, and when.  You will have more appts, more tests, and will be watched more cloesly.  It can be a hassle, but it's all worth it for your health and baby's health.

  • Could I have prevented GD? I love sugar, fruits and candy-is this my fault?

    No clue about GD, sorry. I've been Type II diabetic for about six years, and I know that I caused my body to develop diabetes b/c of my dumb eating. However, you can't get diabetes without the "gene." So, sorry I don't know about GD. 

    Is there a risk of harm to my baby? What are the risks of GD?

    Only if your blood sugar is high for long periods of time. My endocrinologist (diabetes doc) says LO is the perfect parasite. He'll get what he needs no matter what, so if sugar is low, baby still has enough sugar. But, if you let your sugar get too low, you are in danger of passing out yourself.

    High sugar is where most of the risks are, and then the biggest risks are of miscarriage in the first trimester. Now, doc says when your sugar is high, baby's gets high too. That's dangerous for his circulation, just as it is for yours.  Eyes, heart, nerve development, brain development, etc. can all be affected by sugar that is really really high.

    However, keep in mind that most GD is not super dangerous like that. My sugar has gotten as high as 500  before, and since pregnancy I've been in the 250s (RARELY). I have insulin, though, so I correct it quickly.

    What do I have to look forward to for the next 2 1/2 months?

    No fun at all. I hate having diabetes and being pregnant. I want sweets soooo badly. I hated sweets before, and now can't get enough. Problem is portion control. One doughnut is ok...but I want 6! Just control your carb intake, and you'll be ok. That's really really hard with all of the cravings, but right now LO's brain is really developing quickly.

    OOOH, I forgot to tell you about the risk involving amniotic fluid. High blood sugar can cause your blood vessels to constrict (like high blood pressure, and which is why it affects circulation). Anyway, if your sugar is high a lot, it can decrease the amount of amniotic fluid. Not sure how, but I had 8 cm a few weeks ago (5 cm is low), and they got a bit concerned. Told me to drink lots of water and keep sugar under control, and within two weeks I got it back up to 10 cm.

  • I have had GD with my first and now second pregnancy and test 4 times a day inject insulin 3 time a day and take oral meds.  My doc said as long as I do as Im told and walk 10-15 minutes a day...they will do the rest like adjust my insulin.  Just stay close to your doc and endocrinologist. :)
  • Relax... GD can be a pain, but it is by no means a death sentence! No, you did nothing to cause GD. Plenty of women have a wicked sweet tooth during pgcy and do not get GD. It is caused by your placenta being overly productive at making hormones- these hormones cause your body to have difficulty using insulin, which results in diabetes. It goes away once you give birth.

    If left unchecked, your baby could be born "big", or have hypogycemia when born and need some medical intervention. However, if you can control it with diet or insulin, this is rarely an issue. Many GD babies are born "normal" sized. You are at risk for type 2 later down the line however- just more incentive to eat healthily and stay active.

    You'll probably have to check your blood sugar 4x a day- once in the am before you eat, then after each meal. You'll be placed on a specific diet based upon your caloric needs that specifies how many carbohydrates you can eat at each meal and for snacks. It can vary from as little as one serving (15g) at snacks and two at dinner, on up to 2 servings at snacks and 4 at dinner. That will depend upon your body and what your dietician sees fit for you to eat.

    Do not forgo carbs between now and when you see your dietician- not intaking enough carbs is just as harmful as taking in too much. Start focusing on how many carbs are in the items you eat, and try to limit it to just a few servings.

    Otherwise, your dietician should be able to answer most the questions you have- and the high risk board, as you already know, is a great resource of information. GL!

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