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So what's with a babymoon??

I've never heard of this until the boards and now as I'm checking off my pregnancy checklist it pops up with consider a babymoon.

I suppose it's an excuse to get away for the weekend, celebrate, etc?

What are you doing if you are having one and what are your thoughts on the whole babymoon thing??

I'm flying to Kansas next week for work, but I'm guessing that doesn't count LOL!

Re: So what's with a babymoon??

  • I just heard about it last week. DH and I already had a cruise planned before our BFP and it is during the 18-22 weeks, so it's perfect! Our first cruise was for our honeymoon and our second will be our babymoon! We live in Wisconsin and are going at the end of January. It will be nice to get away! We were going to do the zip line on one of the islands, but I think that's out now. Snorkeling it is!

    And a work trip does NOT count. You and DH/SO need to do something nice together!

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  • We are going to Vegas over Thanksgiving, so I guess that will work...it's also where we went for our honeymoon.

    Funny how that worked out for us and you!

  • Oh, that's so cool! Yes, Vegas it is then:-) Enjoy!
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  • I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow.  My DH got the trip for me for my wedding present since I've never been!  We got married a little over two months ago and he planned it for my birthday weekend.  Little did we know that we would be pregnant when we go.  No drinking for me, but lots of shopping!!!! :)
  • I just dont know where we could go on a babymoon. I'd love to go back to the East Coast again during that time. Maybe Massetchusetts. Everywhere we would go we'd want to take some brewery tours it's our habby but I wouldn't get to be involved. :O(
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  • We planned a babymoon of sorts-nothing too fancy though.  Since I don't want to fly, we're going to drive up to Denver and stay at a nice hotel for the weekend, go out for nice dinners, etc. It'll be mid-december that we go, so I imagine it'll look beautiful with all the lights!  I can't wait!

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  • I've heard that a lot of couples do this "vacation" before they give birth as their one last fling as just the 2 of them. It also gives you time to relax. We are scheduled to go to Maui the end of February, which is at my 5 month mark. I would definately plan something, even if its a weekend getaway.
  • I am taking my 4 yro DD to Florida for a special trip just for her. I think I will be about 23 weeks then.
  • DH and are headed to Australia for 3 weeks over Christmas.  It was supposed to be our honeymoon, but I guess it's now our babymoon!
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  • Were going on a cruise to the?Bahamas?and I am so?excited. ?It's a great way for DH and myself to get a little us time before the baby comes. ?
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  • I think it's a great idea to have time for just the two of you before the craziness descends!  Not sure when/if we'll be able to fit one in though.
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  • We were planning on going to Airlie and Whitehaven beaches in Australia anyway in January, so I guess that's our babymoon! I'll be 22 weeks.
  • I never considered a babymoon with my first pregnancy.  For me, shopping for the baby and decorating the nursery was too much fun.  Besides, if I can't enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner on vacation I get cranky.

    Mikeismine, I saw your post and love the idea of taking a special trip with the older child before the baby comes.    My DH is 5 now and I think after we have the baby she is the first person I want to visit us in the hospital room.   I think I'll really miss spending so much time with her, so a special babymoon that includes her sounds great!


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