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Hi Ladies:

I haven't been on here in awhile, but everyone is always so helpful. I am starting round 2 of clomid. I have a few basic questions and I can't seem to touch base with my OB. I will give a brief background.

My OB put me on provera to initiate my period last month(I never get my period with out the help of the provera)  and I did that along with 50mg on Clomid and had no ovulation.

I started the Provera again last Thursday and for some reason I got my period on Monday, which screwed up timing as my hubby will be gone for work part of next week :(  My OB has increased the clomid to 100mg. She mentioned I could start taking it tomorrow, which is day 3 of my cycle. However, my husband is out of town next week starting Wednesday and coming back on Friday. I guess my question is typically how soon does ovulation occur after the clomid is taken. I don't want to "miss" the good time so I am unsure if I should delay the clomid by a day. My period also typically only 3 days and I don't know if you should still have it while taking the clomid. Sorry this is long winded. Thanks for your help.

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  • I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to say good luck!
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  • There's really no way to tell when you'll ovulate.  Are you going to be monitored?  That will give you a head's up.  There's really no sense in "wasting" a Clomid cycle if there's a chance you won't be able to time intercourse appropriate.  Sorry, that's probably not what you wanted to hear!  Good luck, though. :)
  • I found a clomid ovulation calculator and they said anytime from next wed-sun is the "good" time.. I may hold off for a day to make it be thurs-mon. I am just a bit unsure on my O because I never get a period. I will just start doing the OPK starting next Wed!
  • Ovulation can vary for everyone without clomid and with clomid. My best friend O'd on CD 16 with 50 mg of it and I O'd on CD17 with 50mg. Other ladies I know on GP have O'd into the CD 20s.

    Are you charting your temps or being monitored by your doctor to see if you O'd? How do you know when you O?

    I would follow your doctor's instructions and take is as directed. Have sex has many times as you can (if there are no sperm issues) before you O and a couple days after you think you O and you will hopefully be "covered".


  • Yes I am charting my temps and are so up and down I am trying to get a read on them. I didnt O the first cycle of the clomid, but I know it may take a few to figure it out. No they are not monitoring me and I have a feeling they should be.

    No my H doesn't have the issues, its just me Smile. I am hoping sex on Tues and Fri will cover it and take off wed and thurs and hopefully we make the window. Thanks everyone for your advice, as always everyone is so nice and helpful.

  • Hey ladies,  I just recently completed my 2nd cycle of clomid.  My 1st round I ovulated between cd 17 and cd 19.  Unfortunately no BFP. Either way my Gyno.  told me to start testing 7 days from the last pill of clomid.  I also used a clomid ovulation tacker that I found online.


  • Thank you smcmullen! That totally helps me. I should be good then.

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