3rd Trimester

Another suggestion to induce labor

Apparently not many people have heard of aromatherapy because I asked my Dr. today what he thought and he didn't have much of a response - Jasmine lotion or massage oils are said to induce labor. I learned it in my Prepared Childbirth Class (obviously suggested not to do it unless you were over your due date). My friends wife used it one day when she was a week & a half early and her water broke during the night - after having an appt. that same day and was not dialated yet. When I bought my lotion at Bath & Bodyworks, the sales person said she had to tell me that this lotion would induce my labor.. I said "I know and smiled" :o) She said her friend had gone in and lathered up one day and went into labor the same day, could be coincidence.. or not. I haven't tried it yet, my due date is Saturday, 10/17.

 Just another option, good luck!

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