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Thoughts on not getting the first trimester screening

I"m considering not getting the first trimester screening. What are your thoughts on this test?

Re: Thoughts on not getting the first trimester screening

  • I think it's a personal decision.  Do any of the conditions they screen for run in your family? Are YOU high risk? Are you screening to be prepared or do you want to know b/c you may terminate the pg based on what is found?  If you're not going to terminate, will the results just make you worry the rest of your pregnancy?

     I will probably do the testing. I'm still so early, who knows?! But that is b/c I'm anal, and want to be prepared a possible.

    I don't think there is a 'right' and 'wrong' answer for this.

    Good luck in your decision!

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  • I am a risk taker. However our risk is low . No history in the family. We are passing on the nt scan. It is a personal choice.everybody makes there own choice. good luck
  • Can you explain what the test is- b/c I haven't gone to the Dr. yet and I'm not sure what you mean.

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  • I opted out of our screening. There was no way I would want to know if there was something wrong. I worked for this baby. Prayed for this baby. If something should be wrong, we'll deal with it then. Why put extra stress and worry on myself when its out of my hands. JMO
  • We opted out of all testing w/ DD and will do the same again.  We are young (26) and have no family history of genetic issues.  We would not do anything if there was an issuem so we don't want the extra stress.  I have heard many stories of false-positives, so since we wouldn't do anything or be willing to get amnio to investigate a positive outcome, we're not going to even initiate the testing.
  • We've decided to get it for a number of reasons:

    1.  I didn't get a dating u/s and I'm at least a week behind based on my LMP, and my dr won't change it until an u/s.

    2.  It's covered by our insurance.

    3.  We're planners.  Why not have the most information at the first possible opportunity?  I don't like surprises.

    4.  It's another chance to see the LO.

    5.  It's at the hospital I'll deliver at, and I've never been there before, so I get to scope it out early (again, most info at the earliest time).

    These are MY reasons, and you'll have different ones to get it/not get it.  Just some things to think about.


  • It's a very personal decision and one that's neither right nor wrong.

    We had it done with DD and will so the same this time.  I'm a major planner and want to know what's going on.  If there is something wrong, I want to be prepared.  I would be devistated if I didn't know until I gave birth.  It's also covered 100% by our insurance and it's another chance to see the baby.  There are no risks to the testing so I don't see a downside.

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  • We opted out.  We are at low risk, but anything can happen.  But know matter what we would not terminate and I do not want to worry my whole pregnancy about something I can't do anything about.  But that is just us.  All I can do is put all of my hope and faith in God that we have a happy healthy baby :)
  • I agree with you. The baby is a blessing and it's not worth worrying about. Even if you do end up having the tests done there are false positives and the baby could be completely healthy in the end. The truth is it is out of our hands. Good luck everyone!
  • We are not getting it. I don't want to know my risks of having a child with down syndrome or anything like that. We would keep the baby regardless and I wouldn't want to worry the whole pregnancy.

    Also, if something is REALLY wrong, like terminally wrong, they will find out at my 18 week u/s and that is good enough for me. It also gives the baby  more time to develop in case there is anything questionable at 12 weeks, it might be more clear at 18. 

    It's really up to you and whether or not you would want to know if anything is wrong that early. 

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  • It's a very personal decision, and I don't think either choice is "right" or "better" than the other.

    We chose not to have the testing done. We are young and don't have any family history or risks associated with this pregnancy. Of course, I'm not naive enough to believe that means that we couldn't possibly be at risk for birth defects.

    The initial screenings they offer you are not conclusive. In other words, they tell you your risk for certain birth defects. If your tests come back positive (ie - your baby is at a higher risk for downs, cystic fibrosis, etc.) you can choose to have further testing (like amnio). 

    I knew that I wouldn't go through with further testing. Many of the tests have a risk of miscarriage, and it just wasn't worth it to me. Therefore, the initial tests seemed pointless.


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  • We're also opting out. We made the decision that no matter what the results were to say, we wouldn't terminate the pregnancy for our own personal reasons. Therefore, we feel like the test would just make us worry and put extra stress on my body if something were apparent.

     Good luck in your decision!

  • I'm older, so it's recommended and anyting to lower the need for having a needle stuck in my belly to withdraw aminotic fluid, I'm all for.  I'd want to know.  Not sure what I'd do, but I'd want to know.
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