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19 weeks and havent felt a thing

Hello Ladies, I am 19 weeks pregnant and i cant decide if i have felt the baby or not. sometimes i feel something when im laying down but i dont know for sure.

Re: 19 weeks and havent felt a thing

  • I just started feeling something a few days ago.
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  • Don't stress-- it is normal not to feel anything until after 20 weeks-- my sister was 22-23 weeks before she felt anything!
  • I didn't really feel LO until 21 weeks. I thought I did at 20 but not for sure until 21. THen at 22 it was VERY clear. You will feel LO soon!
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  • I'm due the same time you are, and I think that I felt it for the first time only yesterday. I'm still not even sure if it was kicking or just my stomach being weird. Hope you get to feel it soon!
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  • I am due about the same time and I haven't either. I keep feeling around for something but nothing...everyone  keeps telling me it might be another 2 weeks or so. Good luck!
  • I wrote this exact post 10 weeks ago.  Don't worry.  I didn't feel anything until 21/22 weeks.  On the day that I first felt the baby on the inside, I could feel it on the outside too--so cool!  You probably have an anterior placenta...
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  • When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't feel anything until 21 weeks.  Then it went from a couple times to all the time.  It will happen soon!!

  • I'm just a few days ahead and also am not sure if I've felt anything or not... though I have a dr's appt tomorrow morning at 11 so I will at least be able to hear the HB then and be reassured that everything is ok... I know, I'm still paranoid... I think I would be less so if I felt the baby in there!
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