3rd Trimester

Diaper Bag!!

I just saw the new diaper bag from Juicy Couture, the "Queen Mum". And unlike the other Juicy Diaper bags, it zips closed!

Has anyone else found a designer diaper bag that they love? 

Re: Diaper Bag!!

  • I'm totally in love with the Debbie Rott diaper bags, esp. the Eva Rocker and the Sienna in teal.  Sooo not practical though. Not practical enough for me to buy anyhow... I ended up going with the Fleurville Sling Tote and look forward to carrying it. Its black and white with royal blue lining on the inside, and super functional.
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  • I'm in love with COACH and i found a beautiful pastel yellow diaper bag! The fabric is very baby friendly and can be wiped off very easily so hopefully it wont stain as bad. I cant wait to use it!
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