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So my boss used me in a lie to his fiance

So my boss is getting married this month and consequently he and his FI are in a spending freeze.  However, they are prepping their house to put it on the market.  So, boss finds an ottoman he wants for the house and orders it from  He had hoped to see if he liked it and then tell his FI about it or send it back if he didn't like it with her never being the wiser.

Well, his plan failed.  His FI got home before he did, saw the box and called him.   He pretended to not know what it was and suggested that perhaps it was a wedding gift from someone.  After unpacking and there being no gift card or anything included my boss suggested to his FI that he had told me he was looking at ottomans and since I used to work at Target, maybe I bought it as a wedding gift for them.

 WTF?!?  A) Who buys someone else a piece of furniture as a wedding gift when they didn't register for it?  B) I've never seen their house and would have no idea what his taste is.  C) What kind of a weirdo involved a coworker in a lie to their FI?  D)  Don't you think there might be a problem with your relationship if you feel compelled to lie about something like that?

I told my boss that he has to come clean b/c I don't want his fiance thinking that I am that presumptuous as to buy a piece of furniture for them that they didn't register for.  Unless his FI is totally clueless, I think she might find it a bit odd when I show up at the wedding with a gift.  I just don't want to be involved in anything like this b/c I can see nothing but problems down the road (e.g. jealousy or her thinking that boss and I are too familiar).  What a weasel!  He better come clean b/c I will not pretend that I sent that gift.

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