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WWYD... Henry was sick/in the hospital this week and we have a wedding 1 hour from home tomorrow (w/

I am debating.


Henry was in the hospital on Monday night having an asthma attack brought on by a virus. He is okay but is still on a steroid making him cranky, cranky, cranky, and incredibly clumsy. He isnt napping well. Takes his inhaler every 4 hours. Isnt eating well and is ATTACHED to my leg all day (and to Daddy's at night). 

Tomorrow we are suppose to go to a wedding 1 hour from home with MIL watching Henry at our house from about 12-bedtime. She would have him for two meals and naptime. 

I really want DH to stay home (and his mom to come over still). I know that DS would be fine with DH all day but I am not sure about MIL (or anyone else).

DH thinks that Henry is fine (he also sees him for 1 hour in the evening, I see him all day coughing, not himself at all). 

WWYD? Both DH and I go to the wedding and I worry the whole time? Leave DH at home (it's my cousin getting married so DH is fine missing it). 

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Re: WWYD... Henry was sick/in the hospital this week and we have a wedding 1 hour from home tomorrow (w/

  • That's a tough one. I would probably go to the wedding with my DH, and try and have a good time. I'd be sure though to call my MIL every few hours, and especially when it is time for the inhaler, and just leave as soon as the wedding is over, or right after dinner.

    Hope your little guy feels better!

  • I would ask DH to stay home (since he would be fine about missing the wedding anyway).
  • leave DH at home with him if you think he'll be more comfy with dad around.

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  • If it were me I'd either stay home or leave DH at home with MIL. Hope DC feels better soon and you get some rest!
  • I hate when DS is not feeling well, but as long as it was my mom/mil watching him, I would go to the wedding and just come home as early as I could. I figure, our parents have raised children, and sick ones at that, so they can handle my little one feeling under the weather for a few hours. If he was puking or something, I would definitely not go though. As long as he hasn't been having any problems breathing or any more asthma attacks, I say both of you should go for the wedding, and if you are uncomfortable leaving him for long, skip the reception. I'm sure your cousin would understand that.

    And poor Henry :( He is ill so often! I hope those steroids do their job and he's feeling much better soon!

  • I would feel ok with my mom staying with him.  If it was my MIL I might ask DH to stay home, especially if he didn't mind missing the wedding. 
  • If your DH is okay with not going, I'd leave him home. It sounds like DS is still not feeling well and wants his mommy and daddy for comfort. I hope he's feeling better soon!
  • I would still have DH come to the wedding with me.  Our DD is really good with other people though, even when she's sick. I think it's a personal decision, if you think DS would be okay I say both go, if not, then DH should stay home.  If it's just piece of mind you're looking for you can always call your MIL whenever you need to!

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