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Anyone else been through this?

My LO usually has a poopy diaper at least once a day.  She has not had one since Monday morning.  All day yesterday she was pushing and crying like she was trying to push her poo out and nothing happened.  This morning she is doing the same thing. She has no fever and is urinating just fine.  I am an EBF....  Any ideas?  I am going to call the doc at 8:30 I think

Re: Anyone else been through this?

  • Try taking her temp.  That usually stimulates a BM. 
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  • DS just went 8 days with no poopy diaper and when he did poop it was normal.  Dr told me up to 10 days is fine.  However, if it's causing her pain, call.  They can give you suggestions
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    Try taking her temp.  That usually stimulates a BM. 
    This is what we do with DS. Pedi said not to worry unless its been a week or more.
  • Did you try bicycle legs as well?  I would take her temp and then do bicycle legs to see if you can help get it out.

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  • The bicycling, taking temp etc... is good. My son went for 10 days for a while between BM's , and he was purely breastfed. I also recommend (you need to ask your pediatrician about this though) Little Tummy's gentle laxative. It's like a superconcentrate of prune juice, pears, and fennel. It's extremely natural. I also did 2 drops of organic mint extract to a 4 oz. bottle of breastmilk, warm. That helped with his BM's. My young son is now 6 mos old. He likes sitting on the potty like his big brother!!!! Believe it or not, he goes better & more quickly when we do that! Stick out tongue
  • My pedi told me to try when changing diapers gently apply pressure to the bottom poopy opening (sorry about my technical wording) with your thumb. It works, but may take a few diaper changes to work.?
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