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Ladies, I need encouragement!

We really started PT'ing today and it was an epic FAIL. We have had the potty here for awhile, and have been putting her on it, but not making a big deal. Today I decided it was time.

We tried big girl panties all day. Unfortunately, she did not go in the potty once. But, when she would go in her panties, she knew it and acknowledged it. She would say, "Mommy, potty!" right after she had gone. Then, DH took her potty after he got home and sat down with her as long as she would sit and she didn't go. As soon as she got up and walked into the living room, she peed.

Please tell me this gets better! Or, is she telling me she's really not ready?

Re: Ladies, I need encouragement!

  • He bright side is she acknowledged it! Good luck tomorrow!
  • The good thing is she acknowledged it. and YES it gets better. DS did the same thing for 3 days but then he started going in the potty. I still took him every hour or so though. It took about a month before he was telling me every time he had to go.
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  • Of course it will get better!  To me it sounds like she is doing great!

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  • My first reaction to your post is- why did you decide it was time?  She just turned 2 so she's pretty young.  That being said, I always kept my kids naked on the bottom for PT'ing- just worked better for us.  Do you have some kind of reward system- treat, sticker chart, etc?  There is the fact that she could just not be ready, and honestly because of what my initial reaction was, I think that might be the case. 
  • I feel your pain.  The same thing happens to us.  We tried doing a sticker board and then she went in there and ripped all the stickers off!  It is just not time for us I don't think. GL!
  • 2 is very young to start. We started at 2 years 4mos, and my older son is now almost 3. He has good days, and he has bad days. I know that if he does go in his pull up, it's mostly because he wants to keep playing. He feels really really sad though when he doesn't tell us. Sometimes he won't say "potty"....he'll just keep saying , "mommy, mommy" or "daddy, daddy" and won't say anything after it being shy or not liking the ordeal we make it to get up to the bathroom & on the potty, but I am learning his queues as he is learning how to let mommy & daddy know he has to go. He will also go for the grandmas. Potty training also has communication involved. It's a learning process that depends on the child, the parents & what method works best for you. We started by putting my oldest on the potty at times we usually would change his diaper. This helped. Now he is used to sitting on the potty at those times. You might need to wait a bit, or develop a system. It DOES get easier & better as the child gets older. My sister had been working for a year to get her son to go, and FINALLY, at 3.5 years old, one day, he just started doing it all on his own. No questions asked!
  • You have probably gotten a wide variety of responses to this question, ranging from "she's just not ready" to "just power through and she'll eventually get it".

    Having potty trained 2 kids, I'd say that potty training occurs in roughly 4 stages:

    1. becoming aware -- the child begins to realize the sensations of having a full bladder and might mention that he/she has peed or pooped.  Child might express interest in using the potty.  At this point the child still wears diapers, but you can get a potty and begin reading potty training books.  Let the child sit on the potty, but don't expect her to "go" right away.

    2. using the potty when mom says to -- at some point your child will begin to actually pee and/or poop on the potty when you take her there and ask her to sit on the potty.  But for a while she won't be consistent enough to wear underwear yet.

    3. recognizing "the urge" and making it on time -- with some practice your child will begin to head to the potty in plenty of time and will begin to make most of her pee and poop in the potty.  At this point you definitely want to switch to underwear except for naps, night, and long car rides.

    4. being totally independent -- at this stage you are not at all involved in the child's pottying, except to remind them to go before you leave the house (which, frankly, I am still doing with my 9 year old from time to time!)  Some kids might still need a pull up at night, even at this stage, but some become night trained at the same time they become day trained.

    Steps 2 and 3 can happen very separately, or can overlap a lot.

    You seem to be in step 1 -- maybe just let her sit on the potty and see if she goes pee at times when pee might be likely (30 minutes after a meal, first thing in the morning, etc.)  If she resists this, she's not ready, but it sounds like she's at least ready for this first stage!

    Secondary English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 9th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 4th grade
  • Based on responses here, I think I'll give a few more days and see how she does. If she just isn't getting it, we'll try again later. The biggest reason I decided it was time was that she is aware of when she goes, does NOT like being in a wet diaper and will occasionally go on her potty.
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