Babies: 9 - 12 Months

Dear mommies of the Bump..pls. diagnose my child.

I have a call in to the pedi, but in the meantime...

She woke up this AM with her left eye all pink and blood shot, and she is rubbing her left ear a LOT.  She has no temp, and seemed pretty darn cute and happy.  Eating, playing.  Until bathtime, that is. 

She used to like bathtime, and smiled throughout.  Well, for the past few days, off and on she has been screaming bloody murder throughout the whole thing. Today it was off the charts.  I had to take her out and hold her, and then of course, put her back in and finish bc she had soap all over her.  SHe also screams whenever I put her onesie on, but then, she never really liked that all that much.

SHe is dead asleep now after nursing.  I am concerned.  Is it teething?  She is 7 mos, but I keep checking her gums and find nothing.

Re: Dear mommies of the Bump..pls. diagnose my child.

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