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Worst parenting adviced you've ever received?

MIL insisted that I hold DS constantly and that I never set him down. Hilariously enough her sister in law (DH's aunt) told me that I shouldn't hold him much because he'd become very spoiled and "learn to want the arms". Ah, ladies. People are so opinionated. 

Re: Worst parenting adviced you've ever received?

  • DD was 2 weeks old and SIL came to "help" and told me I shouldn't pick her up when she cried.  I told her you can't spoil a newborn and got "what experts told you that?!" and other stupid comments until she left.  I danced with joy around the room.  Her other gem was "let Larry be more involved with feeding her".  Ummm, we were working on breastfeeding, what was I supposed to do, detach my boob?
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  • I was talking to this woman who told me she let her 1 month old CIO for 4 hours. I felt so bad for that little girl.
  • The age old rice cereal before 4 months (nothing medically wrong) to make him sleep through the night.  Didn't take that advice.
  • Around Christmas (DS was 1 month), MIL told me that he doesn't need to wear clothes.  She said E (7 month old grandson) NEVER wears clothes, only onesies and that's all newborns need.  UM, E lives in FL and we live in PA - it's winter, it's cold and he has a fantastic wardrobe.  
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    I was talking to this woman who told me she let her 1 month old CIO for 4 hours. I felt so bad for that little girl.
    Oh.... My..... God. That child is just going to learn that she can't rely on her parents to be there for her when she needs them.
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  • mmm I think people were too afraid to give me advice much less get close to me after I hit the lady that tried to touch my belly...they pretty much backed off...way

    Other than that my family just told me this is how I did do what works for you...and then my mom came and stayed with me for a month and she basically agreed with how I was doing things....


  • I have a tie, both from my SIL.  She told me to give ds rice cereal in his bottle to help him sttn, when he was only 2 weeks old. 

    And more recently dh mentioned to her that we needed to buy a convertible carseat since ds is almost out of his infant seat.  She shows up with a booster seat that she bought at a garage sale for $5.  And was actually offended when I told her no thank you and couldn't understand why we couldn't use it. 

  • Other than my MIL constantly asking me if DS was getting enough to eat or was he crying because he was hungry or how do I know how much he ate, I don't hear much.  She was with me for 3 weeks.  She was totally awesome in every other way, and is even better now, but I was so ready for her to leave!
  • My MIL told me that her kids turned out just fine and they were eating nothing but table food at 4 months.  I told her that while she has 2 sons, I would only consider 1 OK (DH) and the other one is a complete douschebag.  Needless to say she doesn't give me much advice anymore.  THANK GOD>
  • Warning:: Sad.


    I think my personal favorite wasn't so much advice as it was just obnoxious. My MIL told me this story when DD was 1 week old and I was exahusted and breastfeeding. My SIL worked for the medical examiner a few years ago and my MIL was telling me that her first case with the ME's office was a woman who was breastfeeding her newborn on the couch while watching TV and because she was so tired she fell asleep and suffocated the baby and killed her.  Then told me to 'be careful.'  Seriously...thanks, that's just what I needed to hear...

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